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The mechanics program is open to all students (male and female) of all grades. This is a practical course that is valuable for everyone since we will likely all own a vehicle sooner or later. There are approximately 25 different modules available in three levels; introductory, intermediate, and advanced, that will meet the interests, needs and aptitudes of all students. Each module is one credit.

Self-motivation is essential for success. Math and science are integral components of this course.

MECHANICS 10 (3 credits)Prerequisite: NoneStudents are involved in changing engine oil, changing a flat tire and checking fluids on a motor vehicle. Students also take apart and reassemble a small engine and complete a project to gain a basic understanding of how to use tools and equipment in a safe manner.

MECHANICS 20 (9 credits)Prerequisite: 3 credits in Mechanics 10 and written approval from the head mechanics instructor Students who have completed the Mechanics 10 course are now ready for this enjoyable, hands-on, intermediate level course. At this level content is more in-depth giving you the ability and confidence to repair, maintain, or even customize your own vehicle. If you have a vehicle, you can gain experience and credits fixing your car! Topics include suspension and steering systems, braking systems, cooling and lubrication systems, electrical systems, ignition systems, fuel injection and emission control systems, and general vehicle maintenance. Good work habits along with a desire to learn are essential for success.This course is required in order to advance to Mechanics 30.

MECHANICS 30 (6 credits)Prerequisite: 8 credits in Mechanics 20 and written approval from the head mechanics instructor. Students advancing to Mechanics 30 are those who wish to gain an advanced understanding of mechanics, and possibly a career in the automotive industry. Here you will learn about computer management systems, diagnosing engine problems and engine tune-up. You could even rebuild your own engine and earn credits while you are doing it! Good work habits along with a desire to learn are essential for success.
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