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Fashion Studies

Archbishop O'Leary Fashion Studies

Fashion Studies at O’Leary High School is an exciting program which offers 3 or 5 credit options for 10, 20, and 30 levels.  Each level will build skills, theory and experiences to enhance the student’s sewing and fashion knowledge.

Fashion 10 begins with using student’s skills and developing their techniques to construct a basic project, an accessory and   assemble a garment.  The five credit student will also explore the design world and learn fashion illustration and fashion dynamics.

Fashion 20 expands the skills and techniques from the basic level.  Students use their skills to construct an item for home décor,   active wear and study the evolution of fashion.  The five credit students will also create a garment according to their body   measurements and make a garment for the lower body.

Fashion 30 receives advanced instruction on techniques and challenges their skills.  The students will work with specialty fabrics, construct a garment for the upper torso and study designers in fashion.  The five credit student will continue to create wearable art, study fashion retailing and look at contemporary tailoring.

In all of this the students will learn valuable lessons on becoming an informed consumer in the fast fashion market.  Students who are interested in the fashion industry as a career will be supported as they explore their career options in curating and creating fashion.

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