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Design Studies

Design Studies 

Design Studies is an exciting, flexible, self-paced student guided program where students can create diverse computer aided designs. 

This includes 2D, 3D, Interior, Industrial, Architectural, Jewelry, Landscape, and Mechanical designs. Students will become versed in the following software: AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, Rhino3D, RhinoJewel, 3D StudioMax and Tinkercad. Real model building is also a part of this program. Students will have the opportunity to work on projects and view tutorials from school and home. 

Most of the software is available at no cost for student use at home. 

Projects are very flexible, tailored to student interest allowing her/him the freedom to discover common and alternative designs. 

Equally important, students will explore college opportunities and exciting professions in computer aided design (CAD). This program is suitable for all students, artistic and non-artistic, technical and non-technical. 

Efficient work habits and an appreciation of quality workmanship is expected and encouraged.

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