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What does this painting say? How can I communicate the feelings inside me? 

Students explore a variety of media and ways of expressing themselves visually. Exploring art and imagery across history and tradition, students will understand how images are designed. As students develop artistically, technically, and critically, they will discover how images evoke responses and a variety of interpretations. They will convey meaning through creating their own visual artwork. 

The Senior High Visual Arts Program consists of Art 10, 20, and 30. 

  • Art 10 and 20 are offered for 3 or 5 credits. 
  • Art 30 and Art 30 AP is offered for 5 credits only. 
  • Art 10 is a beginner course open to all students regardless of experience or ability. 
  • Art 10 (3 or 5 credit) is a prerequisite for Art 20, and Art 20 (3 or 5 credit) is a prerequisite for Art 30.
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