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Social Studies provides opportunities for students to develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge that will enable them to become engaged, active, informed, and responsible citizens. Recognition and respect for individual and collective identity are essential in a pluralistic and democratic society. Social Studies helps students develop their sense of self and community, encouraging them to affirm their place as citizens in an inclusive, democratic society. At Archbishop O’Leary, students taking Social Studies are provided educational opportunities to become holistically immersed in relevant and exciting curricular content. Through specific subject-based PDT offerings, guest speakers, field trips, social justice initiatives and projects, O’Leary students are afforded exceptional learning experiences to help with development into active and responsible citizenship. The use of 21st century learning tools such as Google Classrooms, Google Sites and Chromebooks also enhances the educational experiences of all our students and optimizes opportunities for personal success. 

SOCIAL STUDIES 10-1, 20-1, 30-1 (5 credits each) 

These courses are aimed at students who are in pursuit of the academic route of Social Studies. Prerequisite for registration into this stream is a mark of 60% or better in Grade 9 Social Studies. It is assumed that students in this stream are also enrolled in English 10-1, 20-1, and 30-1, as the analysis, synthesis, and written component demands in this academic route are substantial.

SOCIAL STUDIES 10-2, 20-2, 30-2 (5 credits each) 

These courses are aimed at students who wish to fulfill the requirements for the Alberta Education Diploma. Students who are enrolled in English 10-2 are encouraged to enrol in Social Studies 10-2 stream as well. While many of the general concepts in these courses are similar to those in Social 10-1, 20-1, and 30-1, a different textbook resource is used and the depth of knowledge and teaching style are also altered.  

FAST-TRACK SOCIAL STUDIES 10-1, 20-1, 30-1 (15 credits) 

This unique program available only at Archbishop O’Leary provides students with an opportunity to complete their high school Social Studies requirement for graduation in their Grade 10 year. Here, students with an average of over 85% in Grade 9 Social Studies are provided the opportunity to take Social Studies 10-1, 20-1 and 30-1 all in ONE YEAR. The abbreviated time for each course demands that only top academic students are considered for this unique venture. With 3 courses completed over the course of 2 semesters in the school year, more flexibility is afforded to a students’ high school program schedule in their Grade 11 and 12 years. With all Social Studies requirements completed in Grade 10, this course provides the opportunity to pursue other programs our school has available, including Advanced Placement options

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