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Dance is designed for both beginners and seasoned dancers. This course is

suited for those not only with a passion for the art, but those who are eager

to learn more about a variety of forms of movement. Students will learn

a mixture of styles within the discipline of dance, ranging from Hip Hop to

Musical Theatre, Jazz and Contemporary. As part of their coursework, students will 

study a variety of dance related topics such as cultural dance, the history of dance and 

work on developing their own skills as choreographers. 


The Senior High Dance Program consists of Dance 15, 25 and 35.

Dance 15 and 25 are offered for 3 credits. 

Dance 35 is 5 credits only. This course can be used towards University entrance. 

The Dance 15 course is a prerequisite for the Dance 25 course, and Dance 25 course is 

a prerequisite for Dance 35.

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