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RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program) and Work Experience

Off Campus Education Programs

Off-Campus education includes Work Experience and our Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP). 

These courses are designed to give students the opportunity to learn about a particular line of work, while attending school. Our Off-Campus advisors can be found in the Success Centre.

Work Experience 15, 25 & 35

Work Experience is a course available to high school students. This course allows students to work off-campus while obtaining credits towards their high school diploma. 

Students who have a part-time job or are looking for part-time work while enrolled at Archbishop O’Leary should come down to the WorkX/RAP office (next to room 110) to find out how to be connected with the opportunity to earn up to 30 high school credits.

Nick Anastacio - Work Experience Coordinator - 

Registered Apprenticeship Program

Our Registered Apprenticeship Program is one where our students can have it all. Students enrolled at Archbishop O’Leary have the immense opportunity to become an apprentice and earn credits towards their high school diploma as well as their specific apprenticeship of choice.

RAP is a partnership between a student, their employer and the school. 

The ability to be flexible by all parties is necessary for the agreement to be successful. 

The program can be structured in either of the following ways:

  • working as a RAP apprentice for one semester and attending school full-time the second semester
  • working half-days as an apprentice and attending school the other half
  • working during the summer, on holidays and weekends, and attending school during the regular term
  • working one or two days a week and going to school on other day

Students who wish to participate in the RAP Program should come down to the WorkX/RAP office (next to room 110) and see:

Jon Gagliardi - RAP Coordinator - 

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