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Advanced Placement

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At Archbishop O’Leary High School our Advanced Placement (AP) classes are designed to encourage and support students with academic gifts, as well as prepare them for the rigors of University classes when they enter post-secondary. 

It is expected that students applying to take these courses will have an 80% average or higher in any prerequisite class.

Students at O’Leary can complete AP courses in:

  • Biology
  • Calculus
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Drawing
  • English
  • European History
  • Psychology
  • Statistics

At the completion of AP courses (typically in Grade 12) students write a College Board exam in the month of May. Students can also challenge certain AP exams in other subject areas to earn credit. Some popular choices are Spanish Language and Culture, and Physics.

If the student is successful in an AP course it is possible to earn:

  • transfer credits: the post-secondary institution will grant credit for a junior level course as though it had been completed at that institution.
  • advanced placement: although credit is not awarded for the junior level course, the student may register for a more senior level course as though the prerequisite was completed.
  • credit by special assessment (CSA): the student will be allowed to write a special exam to earn credit in a class.

Registration in AP courses requires the students to start the AP pathway in Grade 10, and follow through in Grades 11 and 12. Students are expected to maintain a mark of 80% or higher to remain in the AP courses. Please see the individual course listings for complete details in each subject area, or contact the school to speak to the AP Coordinator. 

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