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Success Center



The Success Centre is a vibrant space within Archbishop O’Leary High School which provides wrap-around services for our students. (scroll to photo gallery below)

The area is designed to be a truly welcoming and unique learning space dedicated to the success of all students, in all areas:

  • academic

  • personal/social, and

  • career

The space is staffed with our Student Services members who are there to help students be successful. These staff members includes: 2 qualified counsellors, 1 career advisor/grad coach, and 2 off-campus coordinators.

The working floor is staffed by 2 academic specialists who together cover the 4 core disciplines: English, Social Studies, Math and the Sciences. 

Our teachers work hard to develop a positive rapport with each student as they progress through their desired course material and delivery method, provide students with timely feedback, monitor students progress and reinforce key learning concepts through individualized supports. 

We also include a Study Hall which is a quiet space where students are able to access CALM online modules and any missed assessments from their daily classes.

Students using this space can be seen:

  • completing homework
  • studying for tests
  • collaborating with their peers
  • accessing technology to support their learning
  • reading
  • working on independent courses to enrich their individual learning
  • peer tutoring
  • seeking personal, social, academic, and career counselling

Study hall is used to:

  • write missed assessments
  • complete CALM online

As a staff, we work hard to provide opportunities for students who are:

  • needing someone to talk to
  • required to complete an entire course via modules
  • looking to upgrade a course
  • wanting to access teacher support for a particular question in a specific subject
  • wanting to get caught up on missed work due to an extended absence
  • struggling to be successful in an academic course. In circumstances where students have been recommended by their teacher or grade coordinator to transition into a different stream to earn the necessary credits to stay on track for achieving their high school diploma, students will be completing the required work in the Success Centre.

We provide learning in a variety of delivery methods. We incorporate:

  • self paced learning
  • Alberta Education approved modules
  • Online learning via Revelation
  • and access to our own locally developed courses

Our advanced approaches to learning promote structure for our students, effective and timely individualized instruction, identification of educational deficiencies, all while working towards obtaining a high school diploma.


Our Success Centre is open:

Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Success Centre Staff Contact

Angela Venne - Department Head/Grad Coach -

Alma Lopez - Teacher counsellor -

Amanda Chrusciel - Teacher counsellor -

Megan Filice - Teacher counsellor -

Nick Anastacio - Work Experience coordinator -

Dina Murphy - ELL Designate/International Student Advisor -

Karen Palichuk - English, Social & CTS specialist -

Pierre Beaudoin - Math & Science specialist -

Yvonne Keleher - Study Hall -

Lisa McIntyre - Success Centre Administrative Support -

Taylor Jacobs - Social Worker -

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