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Prospective Students

New Student Applicants Currently Attending Edmonton Catholic Schools 

  • If you are currently a Grade 9 student attending an ECSD Jr. High School and live in Archbishop O’Leary’s catchment area, you can fill in the form below.
    • Grade 10 course menu link: info coming soon ....
  • Current Grade 10 or 11 students attending another ECSD High School who want to attend O’Leary for September 2022 must live in our catchment area. 
    • If you qualify, click the link to select your courses: info coming soon .... 

New Student Applicants from Schools Outside of Edmonton Catholic 

  • If you do not physically live in the O'Leary catchment, or are currently attending a school that is outside of Edmonton Catholic, you must complete an online application for the school.   
  • The online applications will be available for parent access beginning on January 11 and may be found in the top right corner of the school website main page under the box Register Now
  • Acceptance is based upon programming choice, student marks, attendance and space availability. 
  • All applications will be reviewed and examined over a period of a few months, to determine which applications may be accepted.   
  • You must first fill out an online application form and be accepted to O’Leary before making your course selections. 
    • Once you are accepted, you can click the link above and select your courses.

If you have any questions, please contact the office.

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