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O'Leary School Startup/ Welcome Letter - September 2021

Welcome to O'Leary.  This is an excellent school, with an excellent reputation for providing top quality programs and learning opportunities.  We continue to be growing school, that has a very positive culture, one that works to build connections.  The 2021-2022 year will be an exciting one, with prospects available in all areas to become involved with, for students in grades 10, 11 or 12.

School Administration - September 2021

Effective July 1, 2021, the administration for O'Leary will be:

Brad Koshka - Principal (

Gabriella Ferretti-MacKinnon - Assistant Principal - Student surnames A-D (

Chelsea Androschuk - Assistant Principal - Student surnames E-L (

Gary Armstrong - Assistant Principal - Student surnames M-R (

Dana Hutton - Assistant Principal - Student surnames S-Z (

Semester System 

Effective this September O’Leary will be returning to the semester system for course schedules. 

High School Sports in 2021-2022 

Right now, we are waiting on direction from Edmonton Metro Athletics (Metro Athletics), Alberta School Athletics Association (ASAA) and Edmonton Catholic Schools, the first two are organizations that govern all high school sports in Edmonton and in Alberta.  We are hopeful that the phased recovery plan that the Government of Alberta has, will do what it is supposed to and that we will be in ‘regular’ mode for September. 

Regardless, at O’Leary we are planning and hoping to have all sports running in September, but this again is dependent upon the requirements in place through Alberta Health Services.  We have the coaches ready, along with new equipment ordered and many teams with new uniforms. 

Extra-Curricular Activities in 2021-2022 

Like Athletics, our intention is to again offer a full slate of activities in the fall, all dependent upon AHS guidelines.  These would include our Student Union, clubs, social justice initiatives and all fine arts programs. 

Student Supplies for September 

High school does not typically have a student supply list.  Normally, it would be a 3-ring binder per course, plus various pens and pencils.   

Graphing calculators are a necessary tool for all students at the high school level in Math and some Sciences. At Archbishop O’Leary we recommend the TI Nspire CX II calculator which can be found at most local retailers and will also be sold through our Business Office at cost of $158.00 for the 2021-2022 school year.  

If you have questions about calculators, please contact Nathan Burns at, Math Department Head, for clarification. 

Student Timetables and August Registration Days 

These will be available for students to access in mid-August, through their PowerSchool account.   

Student Registration Days at the end of August are mandatory and all students and/or parents are to come in at some point during their assigned days.  These Registration Days are used to: 

  • Make any timetable changes, due to having completed a Summer School course 
  • Take the school photo for the yearbook and student ID 
  • Receive their locker assignment 
  • Find their classrooms 
  • Purchase bus passes 
  • Pay any fees 

This process helps to better prepare students for the first days of school. 

Students and/or parents come in at any point during that day to take care of the necessary items.  Different times of the day are busier than others and it may take as little as 20 minutes, or at some points, over an hour.  It is challenging to identify the best possible time to come into the school. 

The dates for Registration Days are: 

  • August 25 – Grade 12 students - 08:30-3:00 
  • August 26 – Grade 10 students - 08:30-3:00 
  • August 27 – Grade 11 students - 08:30-3:00 

Course schedules will be available on Aug 16th.  If you do not have a course schedule on the day of your registration because you are new to our district, please come to the office and we will print one out for you.  You can also have a parent call the office starting Aug 9th, and we will get their Parent PowerSchool set up so you can view your schedule. Student PowerSchool will not be set up until you begin here.

Report Cards (PowerSchool)

In an effort to safeguard our environment and to promote much more accurate and efficient reporting practices, Archbishop O’Leary will again be endorsing the use of paperless reporting. Please ensure that you access PowerSchool at on a continual basis for real time evaluation and attendance results.

Orientation Day for Grade 10 students – September 1 – 08:15-2:55 

First Day of Classes for all students – September 2 – 08:15-2:55 

Course Changes

A great deal of time and effort is required of school staff to ensure each and every O’Leary student timetable matches the courses requested. However, depending on your core course and option choices this is not always possible.

Course changes will only be made for the following reasons:

  • Incomplete schedule - missing required courses for high school completion and/or post-secondary
  • registration
  • Course conflict
  • Change in course mark necessitates a change in course stream (i.e. 30-1 to 30-2)
  • Course(s) completed during summer school
  • Course changes will not be considered for reasons other than those listed above
    • Please note that you must have your course changes completed before you go through the registration process (i.e. Pay fees, photos, school ID)

Course changes can be made during the scheduled registration days through the Success Centre.  

  • To save time, you can also email your Student Administrative Coordinator your course changes starting on Aug 23rd, please do not email before this date.

Student Administrative Coordinator

You will have a Student Administrative Coordinator who will also be linked to you for the duration of your time at O’Leary, until you graduate. The Student Administrative Coordinators for next year will be as follows:

Student last name beginning with:         

A - D

Ms. Gabriella Ferretti-MacKinnon

E - L

Mrs. Chelsea Androschuk 

M – R

Mr. Gary Armstrong

S - Z

Mrs. Dana Hutton

Blank Class Schedules:Blank Class Schedule S1 2021-22.PNGBlank Class Schedule S2 2021-22.PNG

Like all organizations, we really want to be able to have as ‘regular’ a year as possible and get back to having all students in our school and all activities available for our students.  All of this is beyond our decision-making abilities and in everything that we do, the safety and well-being of all students, staff and our community is paramount. 

We will keep you informed as to what the new school year will look like and the process for start-up.  Please check the school website during the summer and we will provide you with everything, in as timely a manner as possible.

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