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Students will create and explore three-dimensional sculpture in the round. Here they will learn how to appreciate visual compositions from all sides. Students will also extend their knowledge and familiarity with the elements of art and principles of design through creations.

Unique to Ceramics is the opportunity for students to utilize the wheel to create works. O’Leary has its own room designated just for pottery wheels, so students have more time on the wheel to create works or just to have fun. This class is a calm and relaxed environment. Peer communication and evaluation is a major component of the course. Ceramics is also good for students who just want time for themselves to recollect and get away from everyday stress.

Courses offered at O’Leary:

  • Ceramics 15 (no prerequisite required) 
  • Ceramics 25
  • Ceramics 35

All are 5 credits.

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