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Open House 2021 & New Student Registration

Archbishop O'Leary Program Information Viewbook

O’Leary Open House 2021  

Following pandemic protocols, the O'Leary Open House this year will be virtual and held on March 4 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.  By the end of January, the O'Leary website will have all of information on what this event will look like, how to participate and what will be needed for the registration of new students.    

The O'Leary Open House will be comprised of:  

  • A presentation from school staff on the different programs and opportunities at O’Leary that will have components that are live and others that were previously recorded. 
    • This full presentation will be recorded and available for viewing at any time following the scheduled event.  
  • A virtual map and video tour of different areas of the building.  
  • A legacy video that interviews staff, current students and alumni, highlighting different programs and experiences that O'Leary offers. 

All this information and family participation in the Open House will be available through the school website. 

New Student Applicants from Edmonton Catholic Junior High Schools 

  • Grade 9 students who attend the O'Leary junior high feeder schools will have Teams presentations on high school programming in the weeks prior to the scheduled Open House.   
    • This Teams presentation will be provided to each of the Catholic junior high feeder schools in the O'Leary catchment.   
  • The O'Leary website will also have a digital and interactive View Book, explaining all the different programs and courses that are available to all students.   
  •  The registration for Grade 9 students who live in the O'Leary catchment is automatic for the 2021/2022 year, if the student is currently attending one of our Catholic feeder schools and your home address is within our physical catchment. 

New Student Applicants from Schools Outside of Edmonton Catholic 

  • If you do not physically live in the O'Leary catchment, or are currently attending a school that is outside of Edmonton Catholic, you must complete an online application for the school.   
  • The online applications will be available for parent access beginning on January 11 and may be found in the top right corner of the school website main page under the box Register Now
  • Acceptance is based upon programming choice, student marks, attendance and space availability. 
  • All applications will be reviewed and examined over a period of a few months, to determine which applications may be accepted.   
  • O’Leary is a popular and desirable high school that attracts many applicants.  Due to school growth and space limitations, application does not mean that acceptance is automatic.   
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