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Student Services Information

Welcome to Archbishop MacDonald's Student Services Department 

We are very fortunate at MAC to have a large, diverse department to meet the needs of our students.  Whether you are looking for post-secondary or scholarship information, assistance with learning needs or individual counselling supports, we welcome all students to the Student Resource Centre (SRC).  Our doors are always open.  Please feel free to drop in any time or make an appointment with one of our counsellors. 

Student Services Team: 

School Counsellor/Grad Coach: Mrs. K. Laplante

 Learning Coach: Ms. B. Yardy 

Counselling Therapist: Elizabeth Kirwan  

Tutor Information

Tutors for Affordable Education (TAE) is a undergraduate student-run group at the University of Alberta dedicated to providing free tutoring at the High School subject level. All TAE tutors received a grade of 90% or above in the high school subject they are tutoring, or a B or higher at the university level in the subject area. If you are a parent or student interested in our services, feel free to stop by our drop-in tutoring centre at the time and place shown below!

No registration is required for our drop-in tutoring centre!

Peer Tutor Program: Students at Archbishop MacDonald tutoring other students. For more information please see Mrs. Laplante or Mrs. P.M in the SRC.

Diploma Rewrites - You must register and pay to rewrite a Diploma Exam.  Register online at: 

Post Secondary Planning:

Every fall Grade 12 students from across the province start applying for their post-secondary programs.  We are blessed in Edmonton to have a variety of fantastic schools to choose from.  Below is some information about three of Edmonton’s most popular post-secondary institutions but we encourage students to look at all schools that they feel would fit their program needs.

GENERALLY, students will need to know about four particular websites.  The first one is MyPass is a Government of Alberta webpage that provides students with transcripts, diploma marks, and diploma rewrite information, to name a few of the services provided.  All high school students should have a MyPass account, but it is required for Grade 12 students.  If you have not already registered, please do so as it takes time to set up the account.

Apply Alberta is an application system for ANY post-secondary institution in Alberta.  When a student goes to apply to a school of their choice, they will automatically be bumped to Apply Alberta to enter their personal and mark information.  This information is then linked with the post-secondary institution and the student will receive further admission information or requirements directly from their school of choice.  Students are allowed to apply to as many post-secondary institutions as they want.  It is mandatory that the student watch the post-secondary schools PORTAL for further information and to ensure that they do not miss any deadlines.

The website Students Services recommends for CAREER information is . ALIS is an up-to-date Alberta Government website that will lead students through interest inventories, give them career information, program requirements and scholarship, bursary and other financial information.  We highly recommend students become familiar with this website and use it as a career planning tool. 

Lastly, many students inquire about Student Loan information.  You can find out more by visiting

University of Alberta Information:

U of A Admissions and Program Requirements:

U of A – Dates and Deadlines:

U of A Awards and Scholarships:

U of A IB Information:

U of A Parent and Family Handbook:

U of A Academic Success Centre:

U of A Study Abroad:

U of A Open House:

MacEwan University Information: 

MacEwan University programs and courses:

MacEwan Dates and Deadlines:

MacEwan Awards and Scholarships

MacEwan IB Information:

MacEwan Student Advising:

MacEwan Open House:

NAIT Information:

NAIT Admissions

NAIT Programs and Courses

NAIT Awards and Scholarships

NAIT Student Services:

 NAIT Open House:

Concordia University Information:

Concordia Admissions:

Concordia Programs and Courses:

Concordia Scholarships and Awards:

Concordia Student Services:

Concordia Open House:

**Please note, all Grade 12 students will be attending a mandatory PLT session in the fall to discuss graduation requirements, post-secondary applications and scholarships. 

Thinking of Applying to USA Universities?

The following document is provided by Education USA. 

Please click on the link below for more info.

Applying to Universities Handbook  

MAC’s two counsellors, Mrs. Laplante and Mrs. Kirwan, are always available to answer student questions.  We encourage students to please stop by the Student Resource Centre if they require any further post-secondary information.

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