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All students who meet the entrance requirements at Ecole Archbishop MacDonald Catholic High School are registered in a common Grade 10 Honors/IB-MYP Program. This program entails an enriched Alberta Education curriculum with a focus on preparing the student for success in both the IB Diploma or Honours programs in Grades 11 & 12.

Entrance Requirements:

A minimum Grade of 75% in each of the following Grade 9 subjects: Religious Studies, Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science.

Curriculum Focus

A curriculum that provides entrance to post-secondary institutions and meets requirements for an Alberta High School diploma. Alberta Learning Curriculum using IB MYP standards in grade 10.

Students Evaluation

Assessment is based upon curriculum standards established by Alberta Education. Students are not assessed in comparison to other students within the class. Assessments will be administered to promote success in the student's overall grade.
Assignments are designed to promote creative and critical thinking within an atmosphere that provides student support and direction.

Teaching and Learning

Emphasis on development of skills and understanding concepts identified in Alberta Education’s program of studies.
Teacher - directed learning employed to meet curriculum standards.
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