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Password Reset for Students

  1. Anyone who’s password is not in compliance with the new minimum password policy will also be required to change their password.  The new minimum password policy is as follows:
    1. Password length: Min 10 characters and no more than 255 characters
    2. Must contain at least 1 character from 3 of these 4 categories:
  1. Upper Case character (A through Z)
  2. Lower Case character (a through z)
  3. Numerals (0 through 9)
  4. Special character (such as !, $, #, %)

 Recommendation: Teach your students to create simple passphrases such as and feel free to avoid "Special Characters" for the lower divisions:

·         MyDogis1

·         Grade4isfun

 Recommendation: Students that can manage their own password can go to and reset their passwords. Our younger students may\will require their teacher to reset or generate their password. Instructions for this can be found Here, or they can contact our service desk.

Simplified Password Reset for Students from Home 2021.pdf

Getting Started O365 Students (1).pdf

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