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Clubs and Activities

Extracurricular activities are essential to every students learning experience. They allow for the development of working skills, in addition to interpersonal and people skills.

Whether the activity is playing on a sports team or just something to relieve stress, it is worthwhile to check different groups out to see if there is anything of interest.

Being part of any extracurricular activity is an important part of personal growth.

DID YOU KNOW: YOUR involvement in extracurricular activities are also looked highly upon not only college and university applications but also in grant and award applications. Being involved in a variety of activities besides studies suggests a well rounded student.

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In addition to our academic programs, we also offer our students a variety of extra-curricular options:

AOV - Allies of Variance.pdf
Alberta Youth Theatre Collective.pdf
Band California Trip
Citadel Club- advertisement.pdf
Big Brothers Big Sisters

Chess brochure 2019.pdf
Crusader Pride poster.pdf
Fitness Club
Europe Trip.pdf
Decarbonize poster.pdf

Game Squad
Geek Squad
Grad Council Club Day Handout.pdf
Improv poster.pdf
Jazz Bands
Math Club
Model United Nations
New York Trip
Peer Support.pdf
Multicultural Day Part 1 May 6 2022 Oggy.pdf
Multicultural Day at AOB Part 2 May 6 2022.pdf
Multicultural Day Part 3 Zimm.pdf
Rock Bands
Scripture Club
Ski Snowboard Trip
Student Leadership
Tech Crew Poster.pdf
Musical Theatre & Technical Theatre.pdf
theme DaysVancouver Sun Run
Ukulele Club
Yearbook Club Day Handout.pdf

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