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Graduation Info

Please Note: More information to students for Grad can be found on our Digital boards throughout the school, Instagram , School Website, Hallway bulletin boards, Student Portal, Calendar of Events as well as listening to Daily announcements before lunch. There are 3 grade 12 assemblies a year as well as multiple classroom visits by our Grad Coach where details are discussed. The Students are also given handouts during this time.

Grad mass: June 9th

Grad Banquet: June 10th

Grad Ticket Sales May 2 - 20th online through  Parent Powerschool.

$95 each. All necessary Fees and Grad fee's ($85) must be paid.

No Limit on Banquet Tickets

A seating chart will be provided at the entrance to the hall

Please Note : Graduation Dinner and Dance will be alcohol free


Updated April 19, 2022


Grad 3-2022 Spring Assembly Handout.pdf


Graduation Portraits - November 2 - 7 2021 @ Lifetouch Studios

Please Book your appointment online beginning in October at the link below.

The Portraits will be taken at Lifetouch Studios, not AOB.

Prestige Portraits Booking System

Grad Picture Notice AOB Nov 2-7 2021-22.pdf


(780) 437-2431

Making the Grad List:

1. Requirements: All courses required to graduate, including religion, are

either completed OR you are currently registered in them AND you are

passing them. This means that you have the potential to graduate. Any

course you are taking by module, whether it be here, PASS, REV on line,

MUST be 75% complete by March 18th . (the Friday right before Spring

Break) PowerSchool will show how much of the course you have completed

and your grade. If you do not have 75% of the course completed, your

name will not appear on the grad list.

2. Green book- Deadline will be given in your social class either first or

second semester. If you took social last year or in summer school, you must

see me about green books after September 30th.

3. School fees/grad fees MUST be paid.

Grad List Information:

There will be 2 grad lists posted. Your name must appear on the grad list in

order for you to attend commencement (cap and gown ceremony). If you do not

make the first list, you must make the second list, or you will not be allowed to


IN ORDER TO MAKE THIS LIST. If you are failing a course required for

graduation you must get this grade to passing. (You have all of the required

courses listed on page 1.)

Grad List 1: April 22nd

Grad List 2: April 29th

Post-Secondary Important Dates: Applications open all institutions on October

1st/Most close March 1st/March 31st dependant upon program

Austin O'Brien Green Book

 All grade 12 students wanting to participate in the Austin O'Brien commencement ceremony MUST complete the green book. The purpose of the green book is to facilitate students in graduating by reviewing their transcripts and credits. They are also responsible for coming up with a plan A and B for life after high school. Their resume must also be included. Each student will receive a green book in their social 30 classes, as well as a presentation walking them through the green book itself. ALL students must sit down with Mrs. Page or Mrs. Buttigieg to review their green book. Students will earn one credit for completing the module. (If a student has already completed social 30-1/-2, they must come and pick up a green book from Mrs. Page in the library.)

Graduation Requirements 

To attain an Alberta High School Diploma, a student must meet the following criteria:

  • Earn a minimum of 100 credits
  • Complete English 30-1 or 30-2
  • Complete Social 30-1 or 30-2
  • Complete Math 20-1, 20-2, 20-3
  • Complete Science 20 or 24 or Biology 20 or Chemistry 20 or Physics 20
  • Physical Education 10
  • Career and Life Management

10 Credits, in any combination, from

  • Career and Technologies (CTS), or
  • Fine Arts, or
  • Second Languages, or
  • Physical Education 20 or 30, or
  • Locally developed courses in CTS, fine arts, or 
    second languages, or
  • Two 35 level courses from any trade in the Registered Apprenticeship program
  • Earn , in addition to English 30-1/30-2, and Social 30/33: 
    10 credits in any 30-level courses, including:
    • Locally developed courses
    • 3000 series, advanced level, in CTS
    • 35-level Work Experience

* Can Double dip 30 Level Credits and 10 Credits in any combination for the following courses:

  • Fine Arts 30 Level
  • Second Language 30 Level
  • Phys. Ed 30 Level

Only 15 credits from Work Experience will count towards a High School Diploma

Please Note: All students must complete nine credits in Religion classes (Religion 15, Religion 25 and Religion 35)  in order to take part in Austin O'Brien's cap and gown convocation ceremonies.

Printable PDF's are Below:

Alberta High School Diploma Requirements Checklist (1).pdf

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