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Bilingual Programs

At AOB we offer two District Language Programs. The Ukrainian and Spanish Bilingual programs bring in students from all over the City to study the language and take the Religious Education program in the language they are studying. The remainder of their schedule is filled with required subjects and options from our course list.

Ukrainian Bilingual Program:

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Language Arts / Ukrainian Religious Studies

Ukrainian Language Arts 10/20/30 (5 credits each)

This program is open to students who are presently registered in the Ukrainian Bilingual Program at St. Brendan's School. Students not formerly enrolled in the bilingual program but who are sufficiently proficient in the language to gain entry at this level may do so only upon consent of the teacher. As in previous years, students continuing in the program will  be given various opportunities to improve their fluency in the Ukrainian language while developing key communicative and interactive skills. A wide variety of resources and activities are used  to encourage  language development.  In addition, various topics and projects of a cultural nature are explored.

 Note: The Ukrainian Bilingual Program at AOB enjoys ongoing relations with its twin school in Lviv, Ukraine (Gymnasium of International Relations). This relationship provides students in the program with an opportunity to participate in student exchanges both in Ukraine and here at home.


Spanish Bilingual Program: Spanish Language Arts

Spanish Language Arts 10, 20 & 30 (5 credits each)

The purpose of the program is to increase levels of student fluency in reading, writing, speaking and listening which will lead to the          development of effective communicators in Spanish language.        Students are provided with numerous opportunities to learn and use the language in meaningful, purposeful ways to meet their needs,  interests and abilities. The familiarization with the dynamic nature of Spanish culture through the various perspectives of historical elements,       contemporary elements, diversity and change is intended to be         integrated with language learning. 

As in previous years, students continuing in the program will be encouraged to improve their fluency in the Spanish language while developing various communicative and interactive skills. An extensive variety of resources and activities are used to encourage language development.

* Spanish 30 may be used a University entrance requirement in some faculties.

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