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Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement "Virtual "Open House"

Thursday February 18, 2021 at 6:30pm

THE ADVANCED PLACEMENT (AP) Program provides motivated high school students with post-secondary level academic courses.

Benefits of taking Advanced Placement courses

Students gain improved study habits, exam-writing experience, and time management skills.

Many universities and colleges will use the HIGHER of either the AP exam score or course grade for admission.

After successful completion, students may receive Advanced Standing at either the University of Alberta or McEwan University by way of

  • Transfer credit
  • Advanced Placement
  • Credit by Special Assessment
  • Post-secondary selection committees consider a student's AP experience when making decisions about BOTH admission and scholarships.

Advanced Placement Opportunities at Austin O'Brien In-class courses include:

  • English (Language and Composition)
  • Mathematics (Calculus)
  • Statistics
  • Biology (Biology AP)
  • Computers 10 AP

  On-line courses include: 

  • AP Statistics
  • AP European History
  • AP Psychology
  • AP Physics 1 and 2
  • AP Art History
  • AP Environmental Science

Click here for Revelation Online Access and Info

Challenge Exams

AP Chemistry

AP Music Theory

AP Language and culture exams including French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese.


  • $500- AP SCHOLARS (3 or higher on 3 or more exams)


Addressing Misconceptions surrounding Advanced Placement courses

One of the most common misconceptions amongst students and their parents is that student marks will be lower because AP classes are harder. AP courses are structured so that the students are always at an advantage. 

  • For content-based courses like Math or Science, exam questions that are outside of the Alberta Program of Studies are kept separate and are not factored into the mark that will appear on the student's transcript.
  • For skill-based writing courses such as English, students are graded according to the rubrics established by Alberta Education. Even though the literature studied is at an advanced level, the assessment is at grade level. If students do assignments specific to the AP content on the English Literature and Composition Exam, they are assessed and receive feedback, but the scores are not included as part of their English 30 course grade.
  • Advanced Placement is not a program that is strictly for the "academic elite." i.e. those with 80% and above averages. For students, determination for placement into the Advanced Placement program should be on enthusiasm for learning and interest in the subject area.
  • With the exception of those entering the program from grade 9, students do not need to maintain a specified mark (other than a pass) to remain in the program.


Additional Information

Contact either the Advanced Placement Program Coordinator or the administrator in charge of Advanced Placement at AOB (780) 466 - 3161 or

For further information about the AP program from the Universities stand point, please visit 

University of Alberta- http://www.admissions.ualberta...

MacEwan University-

- See more at:

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