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School Re-Entry Plan

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Cardinal Léger Junior High School – Re-entry Plan, Sept. 2020 (Updated for Nov. 10, 2020)

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year! My name is Duncan Buchanan and I am the new Principal at Cardinal Léger JH. I wanted to let everyone know how excited I am to be part of the school community and, along with Ms. Diane Lefebvre, the new Assistant Principal, we look forward to working with you and your children in these unusual times.

What follows is information that specifically pertains to the Cardinal Léger School site and will hopefully answer many of your questions about what to expect as our students return in September. Please note that all of this information supplements and supports the guidelines provided by AHS and the re-entry plan that Edmonton Catholic School Division has already provided in the ECS Re-entry Plan found here: ECSD Re-entry Plan Please ensure you have read this document, as basic procedures and protocols will not be repeated in the site specific document below.


Although we have done our best to be as comprehensive as possible in this document, please recognize that due to the volume of information associated with school re-entry, there may be specifics that we are not able to include at this time. Due to the fluid nature of the current circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, certain aspects of the plan may need to be changed and/or modified in the upcoming days, weeks, and months. We will do our best to keep parents and guardians informed about any relevant changes as they may occur. 


We want to recognize that for many of us in the school community, including students, parents and guardians, staff and extended family, regular school start up can be a stressful time and the added uncertainty of the current circumstances may increase that anxiety. It is our hope that the following plan will alleviate some of these feelings and reassure you that we will do everything in our power to make your child’s return to school as safe, secure, positive and as “near normal” an experience as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions or clarifications that you may have after you read through the following document. Finally, we ask that all parents or guardians who have yet to declare whether their child will be choosing online or in-person learning at Cardinal Léger for September, please due so as soon as possible. Scheduling continues and that information is vital to effectively plan for our students’ arrival.


Take care and God Bless,


Duncan Buchanan

Principal Cardinal Léger JH


Diane Lefebvre

Assistant Principal Cardinal Léger JH

Cardinal Léger Junior High School – Re-entry Plan, Sept. 2020

September 2-4, 2020

Staggered Re-entry for Students Returning to School – Sept. 2-3, 2020

  • Student returning to school will be staggered over the Sept. 2-3 dates as follows. Students are only to attend school on their designated date and time. ETS bussing schedules will not change for these days and so because these are not regular school day times, parents are responsible for arranging transportation to and from school, if necessary.

Grade 7 – Sept. 2 – 8:20 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

Grade 8 – Sept. 2 – 12:15 p.m.-2:55 p.m.

Grade 9 – Sept. 3 – 8:20 a.m.-11:00 a.m.


  • We ask that students arrive at school on these dates, as close to the designated start time as possible. All students must follow social distancing practices while waiting to enter the school. Students will be directed to specific entrances by grade (more information later in this document). Class lists will be posted at this time outside the school at the designated grade entrances. At the start time, students will be met by their Homeroom Teacher and brought directly to their Homeroom classroom to begin the day’s activities. 


  • If parents/guardians are dropping their child off at school, they are asked to do so along the full length of 88th street and do not idle. Parents/guardians will not be allowed to enter the school with their child at this time. These same practices are expected at the end of the school day when parents/guardians pick up their child.


  • Students who require Bus Passes for September are asked to go online into PowerSchool and pay in advance. Bus passes will be distributed to students on their staggered entry date.


  • On this first day, students will be provided with 2 reusable masks in their Homeroom cohort. We ask that students bring and wear a mask from home until they receive their school provided masks. A limited supply of disposable masks will be available at each door for students who have forgotten their masks.


  • Students will be dismissed over brief intervals at the end of their day, in order to limit their interaction. They are asked to move quickly out of the building and not linger in the schoolyard. Social distancing practices must be maintained outside of school after dismissal.  


Friday, Sept 4 – PD Day – No School for Students

  • Friday, Sept. 4 has been designated a district wide PD Day for Hundred Voices through Grade 9 students. There will be no school for Cardinal Léger students.


Regular School Year Practices and Protocol (Updated for Nov. 10, 2020)


1. Entering and Exiting the School

  • All students must have completed the online COVID-19 self-assessment document (found here: Daily Health Screening Questionnaire ) before leaving for school each day. Any student exhibiting any symptoms will not be permitted to enter the school, as per AHS/ECSD protocol. 
  • At the start of each school day, students are asked to arrive as close to the start time of 8:15 a.m. (first bell) as possible. Students must practice social distancing while waiting to enter the school. Clear markings separating students in their classroom cohort and 2m apart will be evident on the ground outside each entrance when students line up to enter the building. 
  • Students are expected to dress appropriately for seasonal/colder conditions and be prepared to remain outside, both upon their arrival at school in the morning and at lunch hour recess. A reminder to all caregivers that the doors to the building do not open in the morning until the first bell rings at 8:15 a.m. and so students are encouraged to arrive at school as close to the start time as possible. During extreme cold conditions, typically -20C or lower, and at the discretion of the administration, the students may be admitted entrance to the school earlier than the regular start time. In these circumstances, upon entry, students must proceed directly to their Homeroom classrooms and stay in their regular seating plans until the day begins.
  • Students in each grade will enter at different, supervised, entrances to the building as follows (see map provided):

Grade 7 – Southeast Door (next to main entrance)

Grade 8 – Northwest Door (along 88th street)

Grade 9 – North Door (near portables)


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  • Students must wear their face masks upon entering the building.
  • Students must hand sanitize at provided stations, as they enter the building. 
  • Directional arrows on each level of the building ensure a one-way, clockwise movement for students.
  • At the end of the school day, students will be dismissed with their classroom cohort at short, staggered intervals to minimize congestion and contact. Students must exit from their designated grade entrance unless directed to a different entrance by their final block teacher.


2. Parent-Guardian Reminder – School entry only by appointment

  • Access to the school, for all caregivers and other visitors, is by appointment only.
  • In extreme circumstances, if it is absolutely necessary to drop off any materials to the school, we ask that you call the school in advance before you arrive at the doors to the building so that we can respond appropriately. It is also important that when a parent or visitor enters the school with an established appointment, they use the self-screening tool before entering. If a visitor or parent answers YES to any of the questions, they will not be permitted to enter the school. Finally, all parents must wear a mask and hand sanitize upon entering the building. Thank you for your support and cooperation in this matter.

3. Lockers and Personal Possessions

  • At this time, neither regular nor Phys-ed lockers will be available for use. Students will need to keep all their belongings with them, at all times. They are encouraged to bring only essential items necessary for the school day, and to use a backpack or other similar bag to keep items organized when movement within the building is necessary. 
  • During inclement and winter weather, coats, boots, hats, and mittens are part of the normal daily wear for our students. Wherever possible, students will be allowed to keep their extra and/or winter clothing in their Homeroom class, as long as there are no other new student cohorts using the room. Students should always keep any valuables on their person throughout the day.

4. Face Masks

  • Staff members will wear masks throughout the day. A face shield may also be worn, as additional protection, however, it does not replace a face mask which must always be worn.
  • Students must wear a face mask while on ETS or yellow bus when coming to school or returning home.
  • Students will wear masks throughout the day, including in the classrooms.  
  • Exceptions may be made when outside, during Physical Education with their Homeroom cohort when in the gymnasium or in circumstances where the teacher has indicated that 2m physical distancing is possible.
  • Students will be provided with two washable masks which they will receive on the staggered entry days to start the year. They should wear one of these masks or they may wear a mask provided from home.
  • Students are asked to provide their own mask from home for the first day of school, until they receive their school provided masks.
  • The school has a limited supply of disposable masks to accommodate students when there are issues with their own personally provided masks. We are not able to supply masks for everyone who arrives at school without this mandated PPE. Students who regularly arrive without masks will be asked to contact their caregiver and will not be allowed to enter their classes until a mask is provided from home. 

5. Hand Sanitizing

  • Hand sanitizing stations will exist at all designated entry and exit doors. Students will be required to sanitize their hands upon entry into the building in the mornings and after lunch recess.  
  • Each classroom will have a supply of hand sanitizer. Students will be required to use hand sanitizer before leaving their homeroom for options or gym class. 
  • Sanitizer will also be used when students leave to use the washrooms and again upon their return to the classroom. 

6. Desk Sanitizing

  • Students are expected to sanitize their desks each day when they enter a new room. ECSD has provided schools with spray bottles containing an approved sanitizing solution of low concentration hydrogen peroxide (Oxivir). This will be sprayed on each desk at student transition times and wiped down to provide the necessary disinfectant of the surface.

7. Lunch Time Protocols

  • Students will eat lunch at their assigned desk in their homeroom cohort class. 
  • The school concession will not be operational until further notice. In addition, microwaves and vending machines will not be available for use.  
  • Students will need to bring a lunch each day and will be reminded to bring their own utensils and napkins. 
  • Protocols will be in place to ensure the classroom learning environment is clean and ready for afternoon learning.
  • Staggered dismissal of students for lunchtime recess will occur at the midpoint of the lunch break. Regular exit and subsequent entry protocol, at the end of the lunch break, must be followed.
  • Backpacks and school bags will be stored in homerooms when students are out for lunchtime recess.
  • If outside lunch hour recess is cancelled due to inclement weather/cold temperatures, students will remain in their homeroom seating plan until the start of the regular afternoon schedule. Students cannot be in the hallways during these times due to social distancing and other COVID protocols.
  • Cardinal Léger is a closed campus and students must remain on school property over the lunch hour.
  • Parents/Guardians who wish to drop off their child’s lunch, when it has been forgotten, must phone the school in advance, to let the Admin Support know that they will be coming. Parents will not be allowed into the building; however, upon their arrival, the student will be called down to the front entrance to retrieve the lunch.

8. Managing Student Illness

  • Students who self-identify as ill, as well as students whom teachers suspect may present an emerging risk (i.e. by displaying COVID-19 symptoms), will be directed immediately to the main office where they will be made comfortable in the office Conference Room.
  • Office staff will then contact parents/guardians to arrange for immediate pickup.
  • Students will remain in the Conference room, under supervision, while following all required Health and Safety protocols, until the student is picked up by their parent/guardian or their approved designate.
  • In the event of more than one student illness, other office spaces will be used. Students who are ill are not to share the same room.
  • Students who present COVID-19 symptoms should not return to school until they are symptom free and are encouraged to get a COVID-19 test prior to returning to the school site.

9. Daily Learning Model and Practices (In-School Learning)

  • In most circumstances, students will be cohorted in homerooms by grade. This will mean that the same group of students will remain together, in the same room, for their core courses and religion and health classes. Their teachers for these subjects will move to these classrooms at the appropriate times in the schedule, limiting student movement. Students will transition between rooms only for option classes, and physical education.  
  • Transitions to and from these classes will be monitored by staff to encourage physical distancing in our hallways. Hallway interactions are predominantly limited to one grade at a time, except for the times when options coincide with gym class.   
  • Students will be required to use the closest washroom to their given location at any time. 
  • Water bottles are not to be refilled in washrooms and only at bottle refilling stations in the hallways; regular water fountains will not be available.
  • Roaming the hallways is not permitted.

10. Physical Education

  • Physical Education teachers will plan activities that do not require the use of shared equipment. Equipment that is used will be properly sanitized after each use.
  • Gym locker rooms will be opened at a reduced capacity, with small groups of students allowed to enter at one time. Teachers will determine the order in which students will cycle in and out to change before and after gym class.
  • Students are encouraged to come to school with comfortable, activity-friendly clothing or clothing that is easily changed.
  • Teachers will use their professional discretion in determining which activities require, or do not require, students to change their clothing.

11. Complementary Option Classes

  • Individual complementary option classes including Languages, Foods, Fashion, Construction, Art, Music, Drama, Outdoor Ed, Film Studies and Computer Technology will all have particular protocols and guidelines that teachers will share and reinforce with students as per their subject’s specific learning environment. General guidelines for these classes can be found in the ECSD Re-entry plan.

12. Field Trips, Athletics and School-Based Clubs

  • Currently, all field trips and interschool athletics are on hold.
  • There will not be any in-school athletics or school-based clubs offered at this time. The status of these programs will be re-evaluated in the Spring of 2021.

13. Daily Learning Model and Practices (Online Learning)

  • Students who choose online learning will remain enrolled at Cardinal Léger and will continue to receive school messages etc., to remain connected to the school community.
  • Online students will be part of a grade level cohort with an assigned teacher (or teachers) instructing them in their core subjects and religion. Cardinal Léger students will be taught by Cardinal Léger teachers. 
  • Online students are expected to regularly attend their classes, at the assigned times in their schedule. Teachers will take attendance, and this will be reported through PowerSchool. Parents should call the school to report an absence if they know that their child will not be attending the online class for the day. 
  • Students are expected to be attentive and participate in their learning, as teachers instruct them during the class.
  • Rigorous assessment practices are vital to authentic measures of learning. Online students may receive assessments different from in-school learners, in order to assure valid evaluation of curriculum and objectives. At this time, online learners will not be coming into the school for any assessments.

14. Student Learning when Required to Isolate at Home

  • Those students who are required to self-isolate due to close contact with a confirmed COVID19+ individual will continue their education from home through regular, check-ins with their normal classes’ Google Classrooms and Teams groups. Their usual teachers will continue to post appropriate notes, assignments, and activities for students to work on while they are away, so that they maintain the pace of their learning for when they return to school at the completion of their isolation. Wherever possible, when scheduling allows, teachers will also look to connect with their classes at the appropriate time in their timetable, in order to provide live interaction and instruction. It should be noted, however, that students in this circumstance will not be switched to an online learning class.

15. Edmonton Catholic School Division Re-Entry Plan

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