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Chromebook Purchase Plan

Cardinal Léger Junior High School has Chromebooks available for student use in class. Please be aware that you are not required to purchase a Chromebook for you child. However, should you wish for your child to have their own device, there is a purchase option available through ECSD.

Students in Grades 7 - 9 greatly benefit from owning a personal Chromebook as most schoolwork is done on Chromebooks and require online tools easily accessible through Chromebooks. When cared for, Chromebooks should last for several years.

ECSD has partnered with Compugen to offer ECSD parents a Chromebook purchase plan.

To access this plan and make a purchase please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the following link: ECSD Chromebook Purchase Plan
  2. Click on the blue “Requests” button on the page
  3. From there, choose your product and add to cart
  4. Proceed through the checkout fields to pay online for your child’s personal Chromebook

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