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Assessment and Reporting

Grades in Junior High are expressed as both numeric and Levels of Achievement. In the academic core courses (Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies) and Religion, students will receive numeric scores, levels of achievement on outcomes, and an overall final percentage grade. Percentage grades are calculated based on a predetermined formula created by the teacher, found in the course outline. In all other courses, students will receive levels of achievement on outcomes and an overall final level of achievement.

In Grades 7 – 9, all assignments are associated with learning outcomes, and each of these outcomes will receive a level of achievement. Outcomes are grouped within Reporting Standards, or the general outcome that encompasses the specific outcomes upon which students are graded. Teachers use the most recent level of achievement data from the outcomes to determine an overall level of achievement final grade for each Reporting Standard. Reporting Standard grades will appear on the final report card. To view grades from all outcomes, visit the Grades and Attendance page in the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

*Note: in lieu of levels of achievement or scores, teachers may provide descriptive, written feedback for the purpose of improving learning.

For a comprehensive outline of our school division's assessment practices and reporting, visit 

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