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Student Handbook

Message from the Administration

Welcome to a new school year, a new beginning, at Cardinal Léger Catholic Junior High School! Cardinal Léger is a Catholic learning community rooted in Jesus Christ that works collaboratively to ensure high standards of academics and discipline.   Cardinal Léger staff is committed to developing the full potential of each child and in providing an enduring education that reflects the essence of Catholic traditions. We offer a variety of complementary programs designed to meet the academic, spiritual, social and physical needs of our students. 

Our logo, motto, mission statement and shared values represent the philosophy and orientation of the school. We believe that the collective effort of the members of our school community is paramount and contributes towards the education of the student in a holistic manner.   As educators, we recognize and celebrate that the rich and varied opportunities we offer our students provides the groundwork and foundation necessary to ensure that your children become adults that are responsible, productive and ready to face the challenges of the 21st century. 

To that end, our staff is committed to offering your children the following:

  • A Faith-Based Education 
  • Comprehensive Academic Program 
  • Enhanced Academic Program (EAP) Gr. 7 -9 (Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies)
  • Extensive Extra-Curricular Program
  • Gr. 7 Student Transition Program
  • School—Wide Wireless Access Capabilities
  • School-Wide Health & Wellness Focus
  • Safe and Caring School Environment
  • Morning Broadcast Team (Charger TV)
  • Active School-Parent Partnership
  • Integrated Technology           
  • Fitness Centre (cardio & circuit training)

At Cardinal Léger Junior High School, we work to maintain close communication with our families in order to best serve the needs of our students. As such, we encourage parents to read the information in this information handbook. We look forward to your contributions in making your child’s educational experience productive, rewarding, and memorable.


Mrs. Shim                                            Ms. Pelech

Principal                                               Assistant Principal

View the Cardinal Léger Student Handbook under resources. 

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