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Catholic Faith

School Statement of Philosophy

The operation of Cardinal Léger Community School is founded on a belief in the dignity and personal worth of all its students. Furthermore, it is our belief that in cooperation with our students, parents, and community, we must provide an educational environment that:

  • recognizes the distinct and changing spiritual, physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of students from early childhood to young adults
  • calls for taking students from where they are and developing programs to meet their needs
  • assumes that students want to and need to organize their knowledge, learn to work well in groups, and become increasingly independent while recognizing the interdependence of all people
  • directs all students of Cardinal Léger toward the realization of their potential

School Goals

In keeping with the instructional goals of Alberta Education and the Edmonton Catholic Schools Policy, Cardinal Léger School will provide:

  • Learning 
    • in a Christian environment;
    • that provides for the achievement of all students;
    • that recognizes students have different styles and varied rates of learning;
    • that will enable students to become independent as well as cooperative learners in a multicultural community school and in preparation for living in a multicultural society.
  • Exploration opportunities for students to discover and explore new ideas and to develop new skills and interest.
  • Guidance/Support services that promote stability, growth toward self-realization, increasing independence and responsible behavior.
  • Opportunities for students to be recognized as individuals and build self-esteem.

Vision Statement

Cardinal Léger is a Christ-Centered Learning Community focused on developing 21st Century skills so that students may succeed in a future not yet imagined. 

Mission Statement

At Cardinal Léger School we are devoted to the academic, spiritual, social and physical growth of the students.  Our goal is to educate the individual to meet the diverse needs of our society through a strong knowledge base, effective skills, and Christian values.

School Values

We promote the LIFELONG LEARNING of the whole student.

  • We provide EXCELLENCE in learning through innovative teaching and learning practices.
  • We strive to inspire students to GROW in their understanding of the Christian faith.
  • We strive to EMPOWER the student to meet daily challenges through a progressive learning environment.
  • We RESPECT individual diversity by promoting the self-worth and dignity of all individuals in a safe and caring environment.

Parish Information:

St. Matthew

  • Parents registering their children for the sacraments and purchasing study guides through the school, at the Parent Information Evening, or through the parish. 
  • Parents and children taking part in three Saturday morning classes (one hour in length) for First Reconciliation or two Saturday morning classes (one hour in length) and a teaching mass for First Communion. All sessions are conducted by one of the parish priests. 
  • Parents and children reviewing assigned sections of the study guides at home prior to the parish-based sessions. 
  • Children receiving the Sacrament of First Communion as a group with classmates from school at a designated mass.

Please note that parents whose child was not baptized at St. Theresa Parish, are required to submit a copy of the child's baptismal certificate with their registrations. 

Religious Celebrations

Throughout the year our school emphasizes the importance of special holidays or occasions by providing meaningful liturgical celebrations.  These celebrations may occur within the school or at a Catholic Church.  Full participation is required by all students for these religious celebrations.  We will keep you informed of the dates, times and places of any celebrations so that parents may join us.

Edmonton Catholic Schools' Core Values

Dignity and Respect

We are called to value each person and to treat one another with compassion.


We are called to tell the truth with kindness and compassion for others.


We are called to strive towards loyalty to the vision, mission, goals and fundamental purpose of our school and school district.


We must seek unity and appreciate diversity.  We need to be willing to recognize and accommodate differences.

Personal and Communal Growth

We are committed to the growth of the whole person—the intellectual, emotional, interpersonal, and spiritual growth of all people, our staff, students and communities.

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