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WIN Junior Program

This Program of Choice is a blend of a congregated classroom experience and inclusive classroom opportunities. WIN Jr students have the opportunity for individualized programming support within a community of learners, focusing on: 

• Developing student strengths 

• Spiritual growth (Social justice and service projects) 

• Daily instruction in literacy and numeracy 

• Social interaction 

• Living, vocational, leisure and recreational skills working towards greater independence. 

• Communication skills 

As part of the individualized program, the student will have opportunities to participate in curricular programs within the school and/or options that fit their interests and strengths.

WIN Junior utilizes a team approach to ensure all learners are successful. The program is designed to include input from the student, parent/guardian and outside stakeholders. The classroom team consists of a teacher and Therapeutic Assistants in Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy and Behaviour Therapy. A Multi-disciplinary Team of Specialists is also available to support individual student programming as needed. 

Admission is based on: 

• A referral from the school or 

• Parent initiated 

Transportation may be provided. 

To register contact your community school directly or call Inclusive Education at 780 638-6810 for additional information.


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