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Open House Information

Cardinal Leger Catholic Junior High Open House

Thursday, February 9, 2023

6:30 PM


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a closed campus?

Yes.  For student safety, students are not able to leave school property at lunch.  Students who live in close proximity to the school can leave to go home for lunch but must sign out and parental contact with the school needs to be made.

When does the intentions screen open to select my school of choice?

The Intention screen will be made available to all ECSD families on February 27 and close on March 17th.  You will log into your Parent Portal and select “School Engage” from the toolbar on the left and select your child.  

I am not currently enrolled with Edmonton Catholic Schools; how do I apply?

New students to all Edmonton Catholic Schools will need to apply to our division at ,parents and guardians will be able to select their school in this step. Once the registration is finalized, families will be contacted directly by the school.  

What programs do you offer?

We offer two Programs of Choice at Cardinal Léger. The Italian Language & Culture and the Enhanced Academic Program. If you wish to continue or join in these programs, please indicate this on your Intentions in PowerSchool.

How do I apply for the Enhanced Academic Program (EAP)?

Step 1: Students need to log into their PowerSchool account and select School Engage from the left menu

Step 2: In School Engage, students select Enhanced Academic Program (EAP) Application under forms on the main page

Step 3: Students complete the application form in their account, in conjunction with their parents.

Step 4: Schools will contact families directly upon successful application.

I am not currently an ECSD student and wish to apply to the Enhanced Academic Program.

New students to the division will first need to complete the ECSD application form found at

After the application is completed, students and their parents will need to complete the “Not Currently an ECSD Student Application” on the Enhanced Academic Program page.

I registered for EAP, when do I find out if I have been accepted?

Cardinal Leger admin will be reviewing applications after spring break and families will be contacted directly upon successful acceptance.

I am currently in EAP, do I need to reapply for the next school year?

Yes. As of January 2023, students currently in EAP OR who wish to apply to EAP for the first time will be required to complete an application form.  All EAP information is currently updated on the Enhanced Academic Program page on our school website and is open for submissions.  

I am in registering in grade 7, do I need to take a second language?

Students in grade 7 must pick Instrumental Music OR a second language (French or Italian)

Students in EAP 7 will need to pick a second language.  They may also choose music in addition to a second language.

Can I take both music and a second language?

Yes. Students can take both Music and a Second Language.

Music 8/9, FSL 8/9, Italian 8/9 – all have a prerequisite of grade 7

Can I be in both Italian Language and Culture and The Enhanced Academic Program.

Yes! Students can be part of both programs of choice; however, Enhanced Academic Program acceptance is through an application process.

Can I switch to a different language next year?

Second languages in 8 & 9 have the prerequisite of the previous grade and are not interchangeable, therefore students cannot switch languages year after year.

Can I take both Italian and French at the same time?

Yes! Since both languages are from the same language family, there are many similarities that align which can make it easier to learn both languages simultaneously.

How many students in your school?

This year we have 430 students with 5 - grade 7 classes, 5 – grade 8 classes, and 5 - grade 9 classes.

What supports do you have in the school?

We currently have 1 Family School Liaison Worker, 2 Therapeutic Behavioural Assistants, 3 Educational Assistants, a Learning Coach and an English as an Additional Language Designate.

My student struggles academically, is there an option that you offer that can help with their academics?

Yes.  We have the option Approaches to Learning.  This can be selected as a full year option or semester.

How do I select my options for next school year?

Grade 6 student (ECSD) parents will get a swift message with a Microsoft form.  This will go out after spring break once Intentions have been completed.  If you have not selected your intentions for next year, you will not get this message

Current Cardinal Leger students in grades 7 & 8 will have the option selection form sent to parents and guardians via SWIFT in the spring.

Students not currently enrolled with Edmonton Catholic Schools will have to complete the initial registration on first. After the registration is finalized, parents/guardians will be sent the option selection form from the school via SWIFT.

What kind of option classes are there at Cardinal Léger?

Please review our Look Book which includes this information.  Cardinal Léger has a lot to offer for complementary courses.

Are there any clubs at Cardinal Léger?

Yes! We have many lunchtime and after school activities for students from Lego Robotics, Yearbook, Recycle Club, Band Club and more! To see all of the clubs available, take a peek at our Look Book!

What is your policy on cell phones?

Students may have their phones before school starts and at the end of the day. Cellphones are not permitted at anytime throughout the school day, including lunch time. To review our school policies, please read through our Student Handbook.

Can my child bring their own Chromebook to school?

Yes.  Students may bring their personal Chromebook to school to be used during instructional time. Devices are not permitted during lunch time. To review our school policies, please read through our Student Handbook.

What do I do if I need to get a hold of my child during the school day?

Please contact the school and we will connect you with your child.  We also have a student phone in the hallway, outside the office where students are able to contact parents.

Where do students eat their lunch?

Grade 7 students eat their lunch in one of four classrooms.  The Grades 8 and 9 students eat their lunch in the gymnasium. 

Do you have a cafeteria?

No.  But we have a small concession where we sell items at lunch.   We do our best to keep our lunch specials to $5 or less. 

Do we get lockers in junior high?

Yes. Students will be provided a locker and a lock for the school year. Students will not be able to use their own lock for security purposes.

Do we have to have separate clothes for Physical Education?

Yes. Physical education clothing is mandatory for all students during physical education. Each student must have shorts or sweatpants, a t-shirt, and running shoes. Students will have the opportunity to purchase Charger gear in September that they will be able to wear for Physical Education. Students should bring their change of clothes in a drawstring backpack and regularly wash them at home.

What school supplies are needed in junior high?

You can find a list of the recommended school supplies on our website.

Is there bus transportation to Cardinal Léger?

There is an ETS school special that runs directly in front of the school. Route information can be found on the City of Edmonton School Special Bus Routes site.

How do I get an ETS Monthly Bus Pass?

ETS monthly bus passes are available for purchase through PowerSchool under School Fees. Once bus passes are purchased, the bus pass will be distributed at our school office.


Please check often as the Q & A will be updated as we get more commonly asked questions.

For more information, please take a peek at the Cardinal Leger Look Book.

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