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Chromebook Information

Chromebook Purchase Program

It is strongly recommended that students in grades four through nine purchase Chromebooks. Students in grade 3 may purchase Chromebooks if they wish. Most school work will be done on Chromebooks and many student textbooks can be accessed using the Chromebook as well. Chromebooks may be used from one year to the next, although they may need to be replaced once they are no longer under warranty. Chromebooks may be purchased through the school or at local stores.

We recommend the following Chromebook (available for purchase through Compugen):

11.6" Screen Option: HP Chromebook 11 G8 - Education Edition - A4 9120C / 1.6GHz - Chrome O 64 - 4 GB RAM - 3 GB eMMC eMMC 5.0 - 11.6" 1366 X 768 (HD) - Radeon R4 - WiFi, Bluetooth - chalkboard gray, 2-cell battery (up to 13 hours), 3 Year Warranty included with Accidental- Google Chrome OS Management License (warranty covers manufacturer's defects and one accidental damage claim) 

Price: $370.00 (not including GST and recycling fee)

Chromebooks purchased through Compugen come with an uplifted three year warranty (rather than the standard one year warranty) and will be managed by our IT department for the three year warranty term or until the student leaves ECSD. After the warranty period is up, the district will make every effort to resolve issues with Chromebooks, with the understanding that this may not be possible.

Frequently Asked Questions  

What happens if I have a problem with my Chromebook?

Notify your teacher and have him/her submit a service request with the IT department.  ECSD IT will provide support. If it is determined there is a problem with the device it will be sent out for warranty repair.

·What if I have a problem with my Chromebook but am no longer a student at ECSD?

You can take your Chromebook to any authorized HP service center for your warranty repair.

 Why does ECSD have to manage my device?

By agreeing to allow ECSD to manage the device, ECSD will provide support for the device for the 3 year warranty period.  In addition, you will be permitted to use your Chromebook to write online exams such as the Provincial Achievement and Diplomas Exams.

- Note -   If you do not want the support or do not care to use the device for writing  exams you can purchase a cheaper Chromebook elsewhere.

 What if I leave the district and no longer want my device managed by ECSD?

Once you leave the district, your device will be wiped clean and restored to its original state at which time it will no longer exist within our management console and can be used in any way you see fit.

What happens after the warranty has expired?

You will be permitted to continue to use the device at school should you choose, however there will no longer be any support available.   ECSD will continue to manage the device to the best of our ability but cannot guarantee its continued compatibility.

 What happens if I damage the computer beyond repair?

You will still be required to pay for the device  if monies are owing and can choose to replace it if you wish. ECSD will not insure or take responsibility for damaged Chromebooks that are not covered by the manufacturers warranty. If you have purchased a Chromebook with accidental damage insurance, then your Chromebook will be replaced (one time only).

 What happens if my device is lost or stolen?

ECSD-managed Chromebooks can be locked and wiped as soon as they are connected to the internet.  This will secure the device from unauthorized access, protecting any information that may reside on the device.

 What happens if I transfer to another ECSD school?

ECSD will continue to support and manage the device for you for the entire 3 year warranty period.

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