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School Fundraising

September 2021


Dear Parents,


My name is Brenda Bromberger and I am the proud owner of COBS Bread Harvest Pointelocated at 5225 Ellerslie Road SWin the Harvest Pointe Shopping Center. As part of my commitment to the local communityI am working closely with St. Kateri Catholic Elementary School to help raise funds for your school.


Fundraising is easySimply mention your school at our bakery every time you make a purchase. We're donating 5% back to your school. The donation will be presented at the conclusion of the school year in June.


We are extremely excited about supporting St. Kateri Catholic Elementary School and wish you every success with this fundraising effortIf you have any questionsplease feel free to contact me directly at 780-910-7421 or contact your school.


Yours sincerely,


Brenda Bromberger

COBS Bread Harvest Pointe Franchisee

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