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Catholic Faith

St. Mary Catholic Elementary School

SCHOOL VISION STATEMENT: Inspire and ignite through Christ

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: It is the mission of St. Mary Catholic School to embrace quality Catholic education and advance educational knowledge and leading practices in teaching and learning for the success of all children.

Our School Namesake: St. Mary 

God chose a young girl named Mary to be the Mother of Jesus Christ. As the Mother of God, Mary is our mother too and our inspiration. She helps us to know God better. Mary will always bring Christ into our lives and we know that we can go to her any time for support.

Mary is a model of faith and a companion of all believers. She said "Yes" to the Annunciation by the Angel Gabriel without hesitation. She was a faithful servant even to the death of her Son on the cross. Mary accompanies us on our faith journey and guides us in all experiences of light and darkness.

At St. Mary School we strive to be like Mary in our faith and we place our trust in her. We are inspired to learn and serve one another through her example, glorifying God and rejoicing in the gifts God has given us.


  • We believe that Christ is our model and our teacher.
  • We believe that children, who are a precious gift from God, have tremendous potential and diverse ways of looking at the world.
  • We believe in building a Christ-centered community for service to one another.
  • We believe in a learning community where we acknowledge and celebrate each child's ability and stages of development as a foundation for continuous lifelong learning.
  • We believe that Catholic education is a sacred responsibility in which parents have a primary role.
  • We believe that the foundation for all learning is quality Catholic education, bringing to light a spiritual vision for every learner.

Religious Education: All of the Schools in the Edmonton Catholic School District use a Religious Education Program that is prescribed by our Alberta Bishops and provided through the National Office for Religious Education in Ottawa. The Program ranges from Kindergarten to Grade Twelve, and offers students with an overview of our Catholic faith as well as grade specific themes.

Parish Information: St. Thomas More Catholic Parish

Sacramental Preparation: Please check the St. Thomas More Catholic Parish Website for information on Sacraments.  

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