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School Hours

bannerSchool_classe.jpgGr 1 to 6 School Hours

Near-Normal Hours
Staggered drop off time for students of families by last name.          (after 7:52 Families A to L & after 7:57 families M to Z begin drop off)
First Bell8:07 a.m.
Morning classes begin8:12 a.m.
Staggered snack 10 min break
Lunch Recess11:38 a.m. (All recess entrance & exits are staggered)
Lunch 11:58 p.m.
Afternoon Classes Begin12:21 p.m.
Recess1:21-1:45 p.m.

Class Dismissal during Near- Normal

2:50 p.m.      Bussed students are dismissed at the bell, then by family's last name: A to L 5 minutes after bell and M to Z by 3 pm.  

11:57 p.m. on Thursdays (with a 10:15 to 10:30 recess)

Kindergarten Hours

Kindergarten classes are four days a week, 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 

There is no class on Thursday, except the Thursday before Christmas and Spring break. 

Morning Kindergarten8:07 - 11:09 a.m.
Afternoon Kindergarten

11:49 - 2:50 p.m.

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