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General Program Information

Edmonton Catholic School programming follows that of Alberta Education, offered within the context of a Catholic Christian community. My Child’s Learning: A Parent Resource contain information for parents on subjects, programs and courses available in Catholic schools.

What is French Immersion?

French immersion is a form of bilingual education that  provides students with the opportunity to become functionally bilingual in French by the end of Grade 12. Students follow the Alberta Education curriculum all while studying in French.

This program is designed for non-French speaking families.  Each year, students have the opportunity to experience various aspects of the French culture through events and/or entertainment.

The Benefits of Bilingualism - View this video with special guests Dr. Johanne Paradis, Director of the Language Acquisition Lab at the University of Alberta and Lynnette Anderson discuss the benefits of bilingualism.  

What is French Immersion at EFA?

École Frère Antoine elementary is a single track French Immersion school by the Mill Woods Recreation Center and St Theresa's Roman Catholic Parish. In Kindergarten only Religion is taught in English by Christmas. In Grade 1 only Religion is taught in English and all other subject areas are taught in French, students begin reading in French in January as the curriculum focus begins with listening to and speaking in French. English Language Arts curriculum begins after Christmas in Grade 2 so that students are immersed in the French language. Religion and English Language continue in to  be the only subjects taught in English in Grade 3 to 6. 

Students are encouraged and frequently do speak in French in the halls and amongst themselves in class. View the following sites for testimonials French Immersion in ECSD: Connect Through Language and Teacher, Students and Parents' Perspectives of French Immersion. Listen attentively to the level of French spoken by these second language learners. 

Eligibility and Points of Entry

Kindergarten and Grade 1 are the two points of entry for French immersion.  No knowledge of French is required for these entry points. 

      ECSD's French Immersion Program description and FAQs

Additional Resources for French Immersion Parents

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Canadian Parents for French is offering FREE memberships to their organization this year in hopes of providing additional support to French Immersion parents.  CPF provides resources, virtual conferences, links to cultural activities and networking opportunities.  ECSD chapter is not presently active; the provincial chapter does provide many resources. 

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Edmonton Public Library cards are free!

Families have access to books, digital contents and activities in French!

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Alliance Française of Edmonton offers many services to anyone interested in the French language and culture : 

-French courses for children and adults

-Activities and cultural events for children and adults

-Dance classes in french (new!)

-DELF exams 

French immersion is a form of bilingual education that provides students with the opportunity to become functionally bilingual in French by the end of Grade 12.

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