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Safety Info for Parents and Students

Choose Safety over Convenience

This is a philosophy and an attitude that we can all embrace but is often one of the most difficult to enact. There are numerous drop off zones around the school - please respect the signs. Your help in this regard is greatly appreciated.

Bus Parking Zone

There are 4 signs along the fence on Mill Woods Rd that indicate the dedicated bus zone. For safety’s sake drop off, pick up, parking or stopping is NOT permitted at any time along the bus zone.

Student Drop Off  

The designated student drop-off zone (No Parking-loading only) is the loop to the south of the main entrance of the school. Staff is present in the mornings to assist parents dropping off students. This area is for dropping off only. Please do not leave your vehicle in these areas even for a minute as it prevents other parents from dropping off their children. Please move toward the garbage bins to allow as many vehicles as possible off the main road. Ideally this is an area for parents with younger children in the car. After school you may not park in this area.

Parent Parking Areas

Please use the street towards St Theresa Catholic Parish to pick up your children or alternatively park at the mall. There is 15- 20-minute parking allowed at the mall before and at the end of the school day thanks to the arrangements made by EFA SC with Kameyosek Mall. You can leave your vehicle if you park here to walk your children to the school if you wish or park here afterschool.  Consider using Kameyosek services.

Staff Parking Lots  

All stalls in the south parking lot have been assigned to our staff members; we thank you for not parking or driving into this area to drop off children.

Cross Walk

There is one designated cross walk with flashing lights to the mall. Parents please cross following the Safety Patrollers' signals and only at this designed spot to cross the street. Please be good safety models for all our children by not jay walking or cross by going between buses.


Both are closed during drop off and pick up until the buses leave so that grade level cohorts do not mix. We appreciate how helpful parents and students have been while waiting for buses to leave shortly after 3 pm. Parents please physically distance as per COVID guidelines and stand back sufficiently so supervisors please can view students especially in the kinder and grade 1 areas where space is a premium.

East Fire Lane is part of the Playground

The fire lane between the field and the school is strictly for student use/play before, during and after school, it is critical that this area is not used by vehicles.


Delayed bus procedures  

Any bus arriving late in the morning, pulls up to the main doors and calls the school so students are supervised and welcomed in.

After school, parents that will pick their child(ren) prior to 3 pm need not call the school. Students of delayed buses go to the end of the queue along the busing area and stand with their bus riding group as indicated by handheld bus route number’s. Once the other buses have left, we return to the school to wait in the halls by bus cohorts with masks on. A video and books are supplied to help pass the time. The delayed time indicated by the Bus Planner Delay App have been very close to the actual pick up times, attendance is taken again and the bus drivers go only to those stops.  


All transportation enquiries/concerns are to be addressed to the 

Edmonton Catholic Schools Transportation department at 780-441-6078, 

NOT the school, bus driver or bus carrier.


Students viewed this video early in September, it outlines the safety procedures that are listed in the student agenda.

It is worth viewing with your child if they are having difficulty understanding how to behave safely during the bus ride.  



Inclement Weather – Division Administrative Procedure 

The health and safety of students is a paramount consideration in the organization of outdoor activities and recess.  Decisions regarding outdoor activities are to take into consideration inclement weather that may result from the following conditions or combination of conditions: 

Continuous rain, Extreme wind, Extreme cold and/or Air Quality.


Environment Canada’s weather for Edmonton is the site that is consulted at

The suggested guideline is that students do not go outside if the temperature is -20° C or colder, or if the temperature and wind chill factor are -20° C or colder.

  • During inclement weather (e.g. temperatures below -20oC with windchill) students will be permitted in the school at 7:52 am. Indoor supervisors will be assigned to supervise areas inside the school. Outside bus supervision will still occur from 7:52 am to 8:10 am. 
  • Recess will occur indoors during inclement weather. Students will remain in their homeroom classes and schedules may be prepared for classes to access the gym during indoor recess breaks. 
  • Late arrivals of all students are, at all times, asked to enter the main doors. 
  • Students are to re-enter the school at the end of the day if they miss their bus, the bus is delayed, a sibling forgets to meet the student, etc. 

Learn more by clicking the link : How To Dress For Winter  

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