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School & Transportation Fees/Forms

School fees  - open the linked document for  8236 Government School Fees for 2022-2023.pdf



Bus Planner Delay App for Parents - BusPlanner Delays App Parents.pdf  - This is the method by which parents are informed of bus delays. We receive the same message at the same time as parents. Within the App you have only to indicate the bus route number and allow notifications. 

Transportation Efficiency Letter to Parents

ECSD Transportation Forms Link: 

Please complete an online form for all Kindergarten and grade 1 students or students NEW to busing from other grades to set up transportation for September.  Kinder busing does not roll over!  If an application was not submitted prior to May 21st 2022, these new students cannot ride the bus until their names appear on the running board. Requests submitted in September can take up to a MONTH to process. 

For students entering grade 2 to 6 and continue to require busing –  Busing for these students does roll over automatically and parents do not need to make any requests for busing to continue in September.  Transportation will update routes and provide information regarding stops and times in August 2022 via PowerSchool.  If you want to CANCEL or require a CHANGE OF ADDRESS for busing, all forms are now completed online see link above. 

For students entering grade 7 – Parents need not cancel busing to our school but MUST complete the online form for your child's new junior high.

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