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Les Bouts d'Choux (pre school)

Welcome to "Les Bouts d'Choux" French Immersion Preschool

Contact 780-975-7188 ,  or  Visit our website
Les Bouts d’Choux (Cabbage Patch Kids) has been in existence since 1982. We are a French Immersion Program for 3, 4 and 5 year old children with an emphasis on learning through play. It is an independent, parent – run co-operative program located in École Frère Antoine. A parent executive elected annually works with our instructor Mme Sophie and our teacher assistant Mme Karyna under an Alberta Social Services license to provide a stimulating environment for the children. Each parent is required to participate in the program through duty days at the school, fundraising and general meetings. Everyone is encouraged to take part in other activities of the preschool and by working together we can look forward to an exciting and rewarding year.

Les Bouts d’Choux runs four separate classes: 

Class A (a.m.) and B (p.m.). Each class has a maximum of sixteen 4 & 5 year olds who meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. All children in the 4 yr old program must turn 4 yrs old by December 31, 2016.                  

Class C (a.m.) and D (p.m.). Each class has a maximum of fourteen 3 year olds who meet on Tuesday and Thursday. All students must be toilet trained and turn 3 by Dec 31st.

Families may be eligible for a program fee subsidy. Please ask Les Bouts d’Choux for more information (780-975-7188).

We are pleased to be partnering with Community Options in their Community Pre-school Education program. This provides us with a unique opportunity to have all our students screened by early learning specialists. If needs are identified, free support services would be available to our students with the preschool program. For more details, please contact us or view the following website:
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