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Ongoing Student Progress Reporting

PARENT'S GUIDE : ASSESSMENT & REPORTING  this guide explains the Ongoing Progress Reporting procedure that is used in Kindergarten and elementary. Parents can view their child's progress throughout the year and will have one printable Summary Report on June 29th. Before the end of September, parents can look in PowerSchool to view child's progress in relation to curriculum worked in class in every subject matter at their convenience. All students' also have access from their Student PowerSchool Portal. Students in gr 3 to 6 access it in class from time to time to check on progress reports and comments. Below are links to tutorials for parents:


Video :  For Parents | Tracking Your Child's Learning [UPDATED VERSION]

Ongoing Progress Reporting access via PowerSchool - Visual step by step guide 

Parent Intro PowerSchool Ongoing Progress - Two page overview

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 Parents can view or print a Summary Report (aka Report Card)   available June 29th. Note for a few days prior access may be temporarily suspended to allow the software to process all the data.      

Powerschool adding another child to your account

Below are the charts describing the Levels of Achievement teachers use when assessing students. 

LoA Kindergarten.JPG


Grade 1 to Grade 6 Levels of Achievement Criteria

LoA Grade 1 to 6.JPG

Special Codes.JPG

Celebration of Learning Dates: December 3, 2020 and March 25, 2021. These meetings allow parents to be guided through samples of student work in relation to the Progress Reports and Summative assessments indicated online. 

Powerschool Parent Login Help.pdf

Parents and Guardians can now access their child's Ongoing Progress, make payments, check attendance and transportation information online. To create an account, please contact the school to receive your child's Parent Access ID and Parent Access Password. An account only needs to created once. Multiple children of the same guardian(s) can be linked to the one account refer to the following document.

Use the "Contact Us" in the bottom grey bar of the Login page to send in a request from the ECSD Help Desk Specialists. Students can access all but the payment information using their student login and password.

Interpreting the Ongoing Progress Report

Learner Skills Criteria would typically be included in the Summary Reports in January and June, during this 2020-2021 it will not be included.

Shows ConsistentlyThe student demonstrates that he or she possesses and is exemplifying this particular skill on a habitual (regular, ongoing) basis.
Shows Progress.The student is growing on the continuum in his/her development of this skill.
Requires Growth.The student has not yet demonstrated sufficient evidence of this particular skill.

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