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École Frère Antoine School Council

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All parents with children registered at Frère Antoine are voting members of EFASC

Council Executive Contacts: The position indicated is a link to their email.

Chair : Michelle L.
Vice Chair: Mariclaire C.
Treasurer: Shelly F. and Naomi B in 2022-2023
Volunteer Coordinator:  Not yet applicable

Safety Coordinator: e-mail for guidance and support in follow up on reporting traffic safety issues around the school.

EFA SAC Operating Procedures

Meeting dates are typically the second Tuesday of the month, EFASC welcomes all parents to join us. 

September 21th, October 12th, November 9th, January 11th, Feb (presentation to School Council members about their roles), March 8th, April 12th, May 10th and June 7th.

Your Time is Your Child's Gain --  most parents do not have the time to join another club, or attend another meeting, or take a vacation day in order to help out at their child’s school.  On the  Volunteer Form are tips as to how you can help with your limited time. 

Parent to Parent - 202210.docx.pdf

Parent to Parent - 202209.docx.pdf

SC Minutes Sept 13 2022.pdf

SC Minutes June. 21 2022.pdf

EFA SC Minutes June. 21, 2022. (yet to be approved)

AGM EFA SC Agenda May 10 2022       EFA SC AGM Minutes May. 10

Parent to Parent - AGM announcement for May 2022

EFA SC Agenda April 2022            EFA SC Minutes Apr. 12

EFASC Agenda March 2022          EFA Parent to Parent March 2022       EFA SC meeting minutes - March 8th - yet to be approved

EFA School Council Survey Results Feb 2022

EFA SC Agenda Jan 11th 2022           EFA Parent to Parent -December 16th       EFA SC Minutes Jan. 11

EFA SC Nov 9th Agenda                       EFA SC Minutes Nov 9               

EFA Parent to Parent - Oct 2021           Oct 12th EFA SC Agenda            EFA SC Minutes Oct. 12  

EFA Parent to Parent - Sept 2021          EFA SC AGM Agenda Sept 1st         SC AGM Minutes Sept. 21 

EFASC Minutes Jun. 8, 2021

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is typically held in May. This year it was held Sept 21st, 2021.

Next AGM is in May 2022.

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