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École Frere Antoine Fundraising Association


EFAFA Executive: 

President:   Jessica S.*

Vice President:  Andrea F. * 

Secretary:  Dana A.          

Treasurer: Doris S.

* holding position until end of Sept 2023

EFAFA Bylaws (2017)

The EFAFA Association's meetings follow the EFASC meeting.

Get involved.pngYour participation via membership is of great value to us... The EFAFA is looking for a means to communicate with it's membership via the EFAFA Membership form below.  By signing up you are agreeing to be a member of the École Frère Antoine Fundraising Association. The Association shall not collect, use, share or store personal information for purposes other than those of Association business, and shall destroy it appropriately once it is no longer needed.  

The Association will adhere to Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) guidelines as required by Alberta legislation, and voluntarily where appropriate. Please sign up with the following form: EFAFA MEMBERSHIP FORM 22 -23

EFAFA Minutes Sept 13 2022.pdf

EFAFA Minutes June 21 2022.pdf

EFAFA Agenda June 14 rescheduled to June 21st.          EFAFA Minutes June 21, 2022 (Yet to be approved)

AGM EFA FA Agenda May 10, 2022          EFAFA AGM Minutes May 10

EFAFA Agenda Apr. 12, 2022        EFAFA Minutes Apr. 12       EFAFA-Bank Balance Apr 30    EFAFA-FS Apr 30-DS

EFAFA Agenda Mar. 8, 2022            EFAFA Minutes Mar. 8, 2022

EFAFA Nov 9 2021 Agenda - postponed to January 11th           EFAFA Minutes Jan. 11

EFAFA Agenda Oct 12                       EFAFA Minutes Oct 12 

EFAFA AGM Agenda Sept. 21           EFAFA AGM Minutes Sept. 21  

EFAFA Minutes Jun. 8, 2021

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