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Preparing for our Future

At Holy Family School, we take pride in offering strong and engaging programs and courses for our community of learners. Students work with motivating and engaging teachers, incorporate technology into their daily practices and are challenged through vigorous and informative assessments. As a collective staff, we are constantly keeping current with educational practices, searching for new resources to peak curiosity, and collaborating with our colleagues in order to achieve the best learning experiences for our students.

Enhanced Academic Programming

We are pleased to announce new Enhanced Academic Programming in Math, Science and English Language Arts for our Jr High learners for the 2021-2022 school year. For more information, please click here. 

Jr High Complementary/Options Courses

Students are provided with numerous opportunities to choose their own pathways thought exploration of their passions and interests in our many optional courses. Some options may include:

*Construction                                   *French                         

*Food Studies                                  *Band/Jazz Band

*Fashions                                         *Robotics and Coding

*Fine Arts                                          *Design Studies

*Performing Arts                               

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