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Hockey Academy

Welcome to St. Benedict Hockey Academy

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St. Benedict Hockey Academy Mission Statement

STB Hockey Academy strives to provide students with a Catholic education in a supportive and caring environment predicated on Catholic principles such as justice, truth, and righteousness. Students are given opportunities to live their faith, to develop compassion and empathy for others, to strive for excellence in academics, athletics and to develop a love of learning that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Hockey Academy Information

The STB Hockey Academy is an elementary athletic institution in west Edmonton; a challenging and rewarding program designed to encourage students in Grades 4, 5, and 6 toward their individual potential.

The academy is structured to ensure student-athletes are taught the basics involved with individual skills such as skating, stickhandling, passing and shooting. Each day on the ice consists of small stations to work on these skills, as well as plenty of time for fun!

The STB Hockey Academy is also focused on developing the total athlete. Similar to the Hockey Canada model of Long-Term Athlete Development, students at STB Hockey Academy will be exposed to a variety of activities off the ice as well. The student athlete benefits from participating in a multitude of sport and physical literacy programs throughout the elementary school ages.

STB is a caring, nurturing and safe environment focusing on both on-ice and off-ice development of our students.

The Hockey Academy instructional staff at STB is experienced and have NHL and Hockey Canada playing and coaching experience. The strong instructional staff offers our students highest quality of coaching in the city. While our instructors bring extensive coaching and playing experience from all over the world at every level, it is the relationships we build with our student-athletes that sets us apart from other academies.

Our Process

  • The St. Benedict Hockey Academy takes great pride in our diverse and in-depth coaching methods and techniques.
  • Our knowledgeable instructors teach the game at every level, from the basic skills required for progression to the aspects that make our game one of the most challenging and rewarding sports on earth.
  • As each student-athlete varies in his or her method of learning, so too do our methods of teaching vary in accordance with individual character traits and differing personalities.
  • The ice is our classroom, and the educational background driving our instructors ensures an inclusive environment that constantly challenges each individual toward to reach new heights in their own personal potential.

Instructional Phases

  • The hockey academy utilizes a number of phases throughout the year to focus on different aspects of our students’ skill and hockey development.
  • Our instructors pinpoint individual and collective areas for improvement and strive to continually provide a variety of techniques to keep on-ice sessions productive and engaging.
  • Whether it’s through station work, full-ice instruction or game specific drills, the experience of the instructional staff ensures maximum player participation and movement on the ice while simultaneously maximizes development of individual skills.
  • Practices are challenging and fun and always push student-athletes to work as hard as they can to make small improvements every day.

Why Choose St. Benedict Hockey Academy

  • Small group and individualized instruction for all students
  • Total Athlete Development: In congruence with Hockey Canada’s model of Long Term Athlete Development, the STB Hockey Academy is committed to developing all aspects of the student athlete. Good athletes make good hockey players.

  • Professional, Experienced, Goalie Instruction: Ian Gordon continues to develop our goalies at STB Hockey Academy.  As a goaltending coach for the Seattle Thunderbirds, Hockey Canada, and other high performance organizations, Ian refines the STB goalies to reach their highest potential.

  • Fitness, Agility and Creative Game Play: Creative games and friendly competition, coupled with properly designed drills and professional instruction, continue to develop our Academy Members to their fullest potential.

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