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General Information

St. Clement School is a fully accredited International Baccalaureate World School, serving students in 100 Voices through Grade 9 in the Knottwood community.  Yellow school bussing is available for students who live within our boundary areas. Bus service provided by Edmonton Transit from the Lakewood and Town Center terminals make the school very accessible. We are proud to be the south side location for the Primary and Middle Years International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes!

The IB programmes are internationally recognized for their academic rigor and emphasis on helping students to become active learners, well-rounded individuals and engaged world citizens. We promote a strong sense of family through barbecues, dances and carnivals. We are committed to community and service through social justice activities and supporting local charities such as the Sign of Hope Campaign, Canadian Cancer Society and the Edmonton Christmas Bureau. We instill a strong sense of spirituality through our religious celebrations, regular prayer, relationships, service and partnership with our local St. Theresa's Parish.

Our Mission

We are committed to supporting the development of full learner potential and called to develop responsible, respectful and reflective children in a Christ-centered global community.

Our Vision

St. Clement is a Christ-centered, culturally diverse community that fosters critical and creative thinking, international-mindedness and social justice. The staff and students are devoted to creating an environment that embraces life-long learning; an environment where everyone is inspired to achieve excellence in academics and strength in body, mind and spirit

Our Namesake

Our school is named after St. Clement, who in the year 91 A. D., became the third Pope after St. Peter. He was a disciple of St. Peter and St. Paul and one of the earliest Christian writers. A famous letter of his, written to the Christians of Corinth, encouraged them to reconcile their differences and live in unity and peace. Clement was exiled by Emperor Trajan to Crimea where he was martyred about 100 A. D.

St. Clement was born a Roman, but after learning about Jesus, he became a faithful follower of Christianity and was elected a Bishop by St. Paul. Later, he became Pope and served the Christian community for nine years. St. Clement was martyred for his beliefs. In a letter to some of his friends, he gave a message which we can all fashion our lives on to this day.
St. Clement.jpg

It is Better To Give Than to Receive

We Should be Thankful for All That We Have Been Given

Listen Always to the Word of God

Do Not Be Lazy

The Rich Should Help The Poor.

Let us try to follow the message that St. Clement gave to us.


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