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Program of Studies

Alberta Program of Studies

Alberta's Ki​ndergarten to Grade 12 curriculum is outlined in Programs of Study that identify what students are expected to learn and be able to do in all subjects and grades. The curriculum is designed to help students achieve their individual potential and create a positive future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Schools provide students with a broad educational program that helps them:
  • develop knowledge, skills and attitudes in a variety of subject areas
  • demonstrate critical and creative thinking skills in problem solving and decision making
  • demonstrate competence in using information technologies
  • know how to learn and work independently and as part of a team
  • develop desirable personal characteristics and the ability to make ethical decisions
  • demonstrate initiative, leadership, flexibility and persistence
  • have the desire and realize the need for lifelong learning.

Curriculum Handbook For Parents (Catholic Version)

As a parent, you play an important role in the education of your children. Whether you are helping with evening homework or participating as an active volunteer in your school, you are participating in your son’s/daughter’s learning development. Helping your child do well in school prepares him/her for a successful future, both in school and in life.

There are many ways you can be actively involved in your son’s/daughter’s education. These include talking to his/her teacher or school, or visiting the Alberta Education Web site to view the Catholic version of the Curriculum Handbooks for Parents. When parents know what children are studying at school, they can provide better home support for their children’s learning.

Alberta Education Catholic Curriculum Summaries

Find grade-at-a-glance overviews of what students are expected to learn.

Alberta Education Catholic Curriculum Handbooks​

The Alberta Education Curriculum Handbooks for Parents have been developed for every grade level to give you in-depth information about what your son/daughter will learn in the classroom, as well as the education goals set for the school year. If you want a quick overview of your son’s/daughter’s learning expectations, you can also review the Catholic version of the Curriculum Summaries, available for each grade. These resources are available on the Alberta Education Website at The handbooks are also available for purchase from the Learning Resources Centre at 780-427-5775. For your reference and to get overview information with respect to your child’s particular grade level Program of Studies click on the appropriate link below, as the Alberta Education Curriculum Handbooks for Parents which have been designed for parents to know and better understand what students learn at each grade level.

​​Grade Level
​Handbook for Parents
Catholic Version
​Grade 1 ​Gr. 1
​Grade 2 ​Gr. 2
​Grade 3 ​Gr. 3
​Grade 4 ​Gr. 4
​Grade 5Gr. 5
​Grade 6 ​Gr. 6
​Grade 7 ​Gr. 7
​Grade 8 ​Gr. 8
​​Grade 9Gr. 9​

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