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Core and Complementary Programs

Core and Complementary Catholic Programming

Within the context of Catholic schools, the curriculum in all of its aspects—content, the teaching process, and the total school environment—reflect the values of faith, hope, charity, forgiveness and justice as found in the gospels and the message of Jesus Christ as understood by the Catholic Church.

Teachers make a number of decisions when planning for classroom instruction. Within any group of students, there is a range of individual differences. Teachers use the learning outcomes of the provincial curriculum to meet the needs and interests of their students and to make connections across subject areas. They choose resources, equipment and materials to help students achieve the learning outcomes. Teaching methods and schedules vary from school to school and from class to class to meet the diverse learning needs of students.

In Catholic schools, there are many opportunities for integrating gospel values and nurturing the presence of God in our midst within the curriculum.

In particular, in Junior High School  we offer both an extensive selection of core and complementary programs for student development:

Core Programs Offered:

  • Religious Education
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Health & Personal Life Skills

Complementary Programs Offered:

Option Descriptions 2022-2023.pdf

The primary purpose of complementary courses in Junior High School is to give students an opportunity to expand, explore, and develop individual interests, talents, aptitudes, and skills. Students should choose complementary courses which are of genuine interest to them.  St. Elizabeth Seton Junior High School offers a rich variety of up-to-date and exciting subjects, which compliment the academic core. Students are able to experience an exciting variety of subjects, which will reinforce their special gifts or will let them try new areas of interest to them.
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