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Principal's Message

 Mr. D. Espejo, Principal

I would like to thank all the parents and students for helping me feel welcomed to St. Vincent School. I’ve

received many air high fives from students, and close waves from parents. I’m grateful to have joined such a

warm community, and I look forward to learning everyone’s names.

This school year marks the official beginning of our Green STEM program. Today during morning broadcast,

we started talking about what it means to be a Green STEM focus program. I also shared a few pictures of

Green STEM already happening in classrooms this week, and I’ve included those below.

For September and October, we will have a focus on ‘Science’, as students expand their understanding of

science and gain insight to the scientific process. ‘Technology’ will be the focus in November and December,

where students will learn basic principles of computer science and coding! January and February will be

‘Engineering’ months, with older students extending their coding experience into Robotics. This is sure to be a

popular topic. ‘Mathematics’ will be the focus of March and April. Hopeful for a loosening of health

restrictions, we are planning to have some exciting school-wide events for pi Day and Numeracy Week. Spring

will bring opportunities to focus on environmental stewardship – the ‘green’ in Green STEM - and by then we

will be learning in our outdoor classroom.

On the topic of the Outdoor Classroom, I know this exciting change has been anticipated for many months. I

assure you this is a priority of mine and I am hopeful to see construction begin soon. There will also be

opportunities for parents, students, and neighbors to submit ideas for the design of our outdoor classroom.

The Division is looking to strike a balance between health restrictions and a return to normal school

operations. So, for now we have mandatory masks for all students and staff in the building, and parents can

only enter the building by appointment. Though I miss the excitement of students showing their parents their

classroom or latest art project, I am thankful that many other aspects of school will return to pre-COVID

norms. These include things such as school assemblies, student clubs and activities, and field trips. Personally,

after a year of leading our Division’s online 7-12 school (Revelation Online), I am thrilled to experience the

energy of these activities again!

I hope you agree that this year is looking to be a joyful, energizing experience for our school community!

In The Peace of Christ,

Mr. Daniel Espejo 

Principal, St. Vincent Catholic Elementary School

A Green STEM School

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