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book-863418_1920.jpgLanguage Arts
Language Arts is an active process that begins at birth and continues throughout life. Language development is continuous. Students enhance their language abilities by using what they know in new and more complex contexts and with increasing sophistication. By learning and incorporating new language structures into their repertoire and using them in a variety of contexts, students develop language fluency and proficiency.
In the junior high grades, language arts is designed to help students acquire knowledge and develop skills within the language arts strands: reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing and representing. The emphasis is on reading and responding to a variety of literature; developing competence in writing for different audiences and purposes; gaining confidence and skills in speaking and listening activities; and learning to view critically.
The aim of language arts is to enable each student to understand and appreciate language, and to use it confidently and competently in a variety of situations for communication, personal satisfaction, and learning.

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