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Academy Staff

Mr. Biro.jpgMR. ROB BIRO


Rob played 5 years with the University of Alberta Golden Bears. Then, he joined the Winnipeg Fury (Canadian Professional Soccer League). He also played with the Ital Canadians AMSL and was a 3 time National Champion. Finally, he was also a Canada Summer Games Champion. Rob has also earned his Alberta Soccer Provincial B License.




AMSL, Grant McEwen Alumni, National B trained (awaiting results), Impact 05 girls and 08 boys, Provincial B License, NSCAA Advanced National Diploma.





Lindsay played with the University of Alberta Pandas and Victoria AMSL.

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In 201, Dan Reimer completed his degree in kinesiology specializing in sport performance from the University of Alberta. Over the past decade, he has dedicated to improving his craft as a strength and conditioning coach working with two university teams (men’s hockey and women’s basketball), an on-ice training and power skating coach, S&C coach for SWZ hockey organization, a corporate fitness spin instructor, working with the Montreal Canadiens during the 2015 rookie/main camp, and training hundreds of athletes through his sport performance training business, Vara Unik ( 


Dan started working as the fitness instructor at STM in 2013, with both the hockey and soccer academies. He constantly strives to create a competitive and safe training environment for the entire athlete’s he works with on a daily basis. Regardless of where each athlete ends up in the future, his training philosophy is to help every STM athlete build the physiological foundation that is critical to excel both short and long term. Danny loves working at STM because, “it allows me the opportunity to both educate athletes the importance of high QUALITY training necessary to be better, and exemplify how training should be fun!”  


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