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Guidelines and Expectations


STM Academy of Soccer Excellence

All student applicants must sign the Behaviour Contract in order to participate in Soccer Academy. 

General School and academy guidelines and expectations 

…You are in the Academy because of who you are…

Our goal is to not only develop the student athlete’s individual soccer skills, but also to develop their character, commitment, leadership, goal setting, time management and team work skills.  In order to accomplish this we will develop a competitive program that allows the student athlete to meet with success, yet challenges and motivates them to be their best.

A.  Academic and Behavioral Expectations

There is a high level of expectation for each student in the Soccer Academy.  Each student must:

Regular Classes

Ø      Come to class on time and prepared i.e. textbook, notebook, pencil, pen, etc. 

Ø      Come to school on time

Ø      Complete his/her homework and assignments to the best of their ability and hand them in on time

Ø      Maintain appropriate grades

Ø      Maintain proper behavior i.e. no suspensions


Ø       Be changed into appropriate academy clothing

Ø      Be on time for practice sessions

Ø      Maintain proper behavior

If the above expectations are not met then the following action will result:

1. The academy director will implement a consequence if one is warranted.  A letter will be sent home to inform the parent that this has occurred and of the next step and/or implemented consequence.  

2.  If consequences are implemented more then twice within any one month period the student misses one week of practices and will remain in the success center completing homework/assignments.  At this point the student is also placed on probation until there has been a meeting with his/her parents to discuss potential removal from the academy and to reiterate academy expectations.

3. At the beginning of each month the student is given a clean slate which allows them the opportunity to refocus on Academy expectations.  However a pattern of inappropriate behavior and subsequent consequences indicates an unwillingness to adhere to academy expectations and further actions may be warranted. 

B.  Academy Behavior

  • You are representing the academy at all times; act and behave accordingly
  • Treat each student and instructor in the academy with respect
  • You must be self motivated to train in a competitive environment throughout the school year – train to the best of your ability every time you step on the field
  • Accept and acknowledge your mistakes and then strive to improve
  • You must be changed in academy gear, on time and prepared to train every day – RAIN, WIND OR SHINE!
  • Demonstrate self control
  • Win without boasting, lose without excuses and never quit

C.  Dress

  • You will be provided with two pair of socks, three t-shirts, one jersey, one track suit, two pair of shorts, one pack sack and one back pack – these are yours to keep so please take care of them
  • You are responsible for your outdoor and indoor footwear (one pair for each is suitable) and shin pads
  • You are expected to wear your academy gear to each training session.  This includes socks, shorts, shirt and/or track suit (weather dependent); no exceptions!
  • You are expected to wear shin pads to each training session; no exceptions!

 D.  Fees

  • In order to ensure facilities, transportation and field trips are booked, please keep your account current.  Please see Payment Options forms for details. 

E.  On Field Instruction

The training will focus on:

  1. individual and small group technical skill development
  2. individual and small group tactical strategy and development
  3. agility, speed and body awareness training
  4. game awareness

 On field instruction will be: 3 days/week

F.  Classroom/Off Field Instruction

Classroom and off field instruction themes will include: 

Rules/regulations of

the game

Game Analysis

Predator & Prey



Weight Training









Wall Climbing



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