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Student Standard of Dress

Student Standard of Dress: 

Students at St. Thomas More must wear:

  • A shirt or the equivalent (tops) with opaque fabric that covers the entire front, back, and sides under the arms  
  • Pants or the equivalent (bottoms), and
  • Shoes 

*courses or activities may require specific attire for safety or curriculum purposes (ie: CTF/CTS, PE, science labs, field trips)


Students at St. Thomas More may wear, as long as they are in alignment with this standard’s philosophy:

  • Headwear that is specifically required for religious observance (i.e. hijab, yarmulke, turban) or for medical reasons in consultation with the principal 
  • Hats and toques are allowed as long as ears and faces are visible.
  • Illustrative examples of tops: T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, tank tops 
  • Illustrative examples of bottoms:  jeans, leggings, sweatpants, skirts, dresses, shorts
  • Clothing with logos or text on it that is positive in nature, respectful, or implies or encourage a healthy lifestyle/choice for children and youth.


Students at St. Thomas More may not wear:

  • Articles of clothing that discriminate based on age, religion, gender, gender identity/expression, body type, race, ability, and socio-economic status
  • Articles of clothing with words or text that depict or imply hate, violence, profanity, drugs/drug use, alcohol/alcohol use, sexual activity, or criminal activity.
  • Hoods from hoodies or sunglasses are not allowed. School personnel must be able to easily identify all people within the school, for safety and security reasons, either in person or through security footage.

Students who have not met the standard, as outlined above, will be addressed in the following manner: 

  • At the first possible opportunity for a private conversation, the staff member who has identified the issue will speak to the student about the concern in a manner that respects their privacy and dignity.  Care will be taken to avoid “shaming” or statements of bias.
  • The student will be presented with options to bring them into closer alignment with the standard for the remainder of the school day such as:
    1. Wearing another article of their own clothing which they have at school that is in alignment with the standard
    2. Contacting a parent or guardian to bring in an article of clothing that is in alignment with the standard
    3. Borrowing an article of clothing from a friend that is in alignment with the standard.


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