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School Dress Code

Dress Code: 

Appropriate Dress: 

  • The Dress Code is founded on our Division’s Core Values of Dignity and Respect and is an important and valuable part of our program.  Students and members of St. Thomas More are expected to dress modestly to show respect for themselves and others. 

  The following dress code is in effect: 

No clothing shall be worn that allows the following areas to be exposed: stomach, chest, buttocks and undergarments.   Spaghetti strap tank tops, jeans worn too low, and crop tops are examples of inappropriate attire.  Shorts and skirts should be long enough so that no part of the buttocks is showing, and pants must cover the buttocks, as well does not interfere with the movement of a student.  

Hats and headwear may be worn within the school; however, this is to each individual teacher’s discretion within their own classroom and it is important that the headwear or hat does interfere with the student’s learning. NO hoods from hoodies will be allowed to be worn in the school.  

Inappropriate use of clothing labeled in poor taste, of a sexually explicit nature, with anti-social messages or from the drug culture will not be permitted as they detract from the teaching/learning process and are not in keeping with the values of our Catholic school. 

Students wearing inappropriate clothing for school will be asked to change immediately.  This means that they will change into their gym clothing or have a change of clothes brought to them.  

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