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At St. Thomas More, we are completely committed to the development of a student’s mind, body and spirit! We are blessed with excellent teachers and instructors and the success of our alumni speaks to the excellent quality of our academic and academy programing. However, as with all educators and parents, we are very concerned about the impact of the last two Covid-19 years on student learning, especially in the areas of literacy and numeracy. That is why we are filling out or timetable with extra blocks of both Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and Sciences. At STM, students receive every core subject, every day!

Further, given our understanding in the many benefits of physical activity, including improved mental health, all our students access our exemplary training programs through their academy instructors or physical education and health teachers. 

As we all know, Junior High is more than academics. With our wide range of Options (including Recreation Leadership, Cree Language, French, Spanish, Art, Band, Construction, Film, Foods, and Digital design/Robotics), our Leadership & Social Justice initiatives, and our high-achieving Athletic Teams, your child will have ample opportunity to meet new friends and to seek the excellence within!

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Below are all of your specialty applications in one place. Please call the office at 780-484-2434 if you have any questions.

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